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Giselle and Jayden Get Picked Up by the Police- Episode 2

In Episode 1, you got to see what happened when Giselle and Jayden got picked up by Law Enforcement and got a glimpse of the bravery and heroism it takes to protect the community while learning that behind the badge are moms, dads, brothers, sisters…regular people who have dedicated themselves to making a difference in the world we live in.

During Episode 2, Jayden and Giselle get brought in to the station. Check out what happens in the interrogation room and in the bomb and arson unit. Plus, find out who gets the cuffs in the end!

A Simple Check to Support California’s Peace Officers

A Simple Check to Support California’s Peace Officers

You can make a difference for California’s peace officers and their families. The California Tax Checkoff program is offering a quick, easy way to help 501(c)(3) organizations in the state, including the California Peace Officers’ Memorial Foundation (CPOMF).

It’s important that we make a commitment to those who keep us safe. Every day, thousands of peace officers across the Golden State put on their uniforms hoping they will return safely. They hug their loved ones not knowing if it will be the final time. Their promise to serve and protect comes with an inherent risk of danger. In today’s uncertain world, peace officers have been targeted and others have lost their lives while protecting others.

While we hope to never see another family or community mourn, the unfortunate reality is that it will happen again; an officer will perish, a family will grieve and a community will be shocked.

Far too many of our protectors have given the ultimate sacrifice.

The family, friends and partners of more than 1,500 California officers know that terrible reality. Since 1977, they have come together each May to honor and remember those who have lost their lives in the line-of-duty. It is a solemn gathering that includes a candlelight vigil and a procession past hundreds of fellow officers who give a final salute. In 1988, the formal California Peace Officers’ Memorial was dedicated in Sacramento.

The California Peace Officers’ Memorial Foundation does more than maintain the lasting tribute; it offers moral support, crisis counseling and financial support – including a scholarship fund – for the surviving spouses and children of officers who have given their lives in the line of duty.

California Casualty has been a partner with California law enforcement for nearly 50 years, and, to show the commitment and respect for these American heroes, the company has donated $25,000 to help sustain the CPOMF scholarship program. You can help too.

The California Tax Checkoff program makes it easier than ever for California tax payers to repay the debt to those who have given their lives for our safety with a tax-deductible donation to the California Peace Officers’ Memorial Foundation. Learn more at the CA Checkoff web page,

The Peace Officers Research Association of California (PORAC) also created this video to help offer additional information on the check off box for CPOMF.

First Responders – Enter for Your Chance to Win a $7,500 Garage Makeover

Garage Makeover California CasualtyCalifornia Casualty is thanking first responders with a new Work Hard/Play Hard Sweepstakes. One lucky law enforcement officer, firefighter or EMT will receive a $7,500 Garage Makeover.

The winner of the newest Work Hard/Play Hard Sweepstakes will be handed a $7,500 check to create the garage of their dreams.

Imagine the possibilities: new cabinets, custom tool storage, new flooring or even a beverage area to go with a big screen TV.

Whether it’s a gym, workshop, or refuge from the stresses of the day, we want to help you create your ultimate garage. It’s our thanks for the hard work first responders do to keep our communities safer.

“We are grateful for the tough job first responders do every day for all us,” said California Casualty Sr. Vice President Mike McCormick. “We wanted to show our appreciation and provide a useful way to say thanks.”

The $7,500 Garage Makeover drawing is open to peace officers, EMTs and firefighters – American heroes who work hard and risk their lives. Entries will be accepted through October 31, 2019, at  The winner will be announced in November.

Previous Work Hard/Play Hard winners have won Liberty Safes, DeWalt Tools, motorcycles, and cash. Past winners include an Oregon Police officer, Colorado Sheriff’s captain, Firefighters from California, Nebraska, Ohio and Pennsylvania and a California Highway Patrolman.

First Responders – Be Kind to Your Heart

The men and women of public safety are tough, in control, and working to put others ahead of themselves. It takes a lot of “heart” to do the job. If you wear a uniform, be aware that your risk of heart disease might be higher than the general population.

First Responder Heart Health

February is Heart Month – a reminder that we all need to take care of our hearts so we will be around to celebrate many more Valentine’s Days with our loved ones.

The Risk  

Being a first responder is one of the most stressful jobs in the U.S. Long shifts, life and death situations, and strenuous physical exertion can take a toll on the heart. A number of studies involving law enforcement officers found sudden cardiac deaths accounted for 10 percent of all on-duty police deaths in the U.S.

Cardiovascular disease was found to be the primary on-duty and lifetime mortality risk for firefighters.

The danger increased for first responders who were diabetic, overweight, smoked, used excessive alcohol and didn’t exercise.

Female officers, firefighters and EMTs also need to pay attention. Their rates of heart disease and heart attack have increased, and the Centers for Disease Control lists heart disease as the leading cause of death for women in the U.S.


While we may not be able to reduce the stress involved with public safety, there are clear steps that can cut your risk of heart disease:

  1. If you smoke, quit
  2. Improve and control cholesterol levels
  3. Reduce high blood pressure
  4. Exercise
  5. Eat a heart-healthy diet
  6. Get to a healthy weight
  7. Get adequate sleep
  8. Reduce alcohol intake
  9. Begin aspirin therapy

Police and fire organizations are now calling for mandatory medical exams, wellness and fitness requirements and annual physical fitness performance evaluations. They also recommend that individuals buddy-up and create workout groups, walking clubs and other physical challenges in for their departments.

Law enforcement officers can find heart-healthy tips at

Firefighters can go to


Moving up the Ranks – Police Officer Resume Building Tips to Help You Get There

You’ve been on patrol for a few years and now you are thinking about moving up the ranks or maybe moving to a bigger department with more opportunities? Your resume can help you stand out above other candidates.

The job search for police officers is not like a normal job search. It’s a different world in law enforcement. You may be looking to make a lateral move in your department or moving to a bigger department where more opportunities are available. Or maybe it’s time to see if you have what it takes to move up in rank? Even though the process is challenging, extensive, and technical, your resume doesn’t have to be. We’ve compiled some easy pointers for you to use to help find the right fit for your resume and your career.

  1. Don’t worry about the length of your resume. Unless you’re switching careers, your resume will need to hold more information than the customary two pages.
  2. Write an attention grabbing career objective that should reflect the next rank or position you are aiming for.
  3. Strive for clarity when explaining your experiences. This can help filter out the least important info the reader needs to see.
  4. Use action verbs in your descriptions to present a picture to the reader, rather than a list of job duties. Ex: patrolled, inspected, implemented, enforced, assessed, etc.
  5. If you completed your professional development with the same organization, try lumping the classes you took together to avoid repeating yourself. If you didn’t, just list your training courses with specific organizations, locations, and years.
  6. When adding your affiliations and community involvements, try only using a few lines and use symbols to separate each listing.

Your resume can be a strong first impression with the right format and verbiage. These tips can help yours stand out from the other candidates. For a resume example, click here. For more  law enforcement resume examples and tips, click here.


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