As a night shift nurse, your schedule is anything but normal (not that a nurse’s schedule is normal). While the rest of us are sound asleep in our beds, you – the night time warrior of the caring – are on a different time shift.

Nurses who have to sleep during the day face troubles people wouldn’t think about at night, all the lights are off, it’s mostly quiet outside, and usually, everything seems calm BUT as a night shift nurse, everything is backward. Because your night time is during the daytime, you need the know the secrets to getting the best sleep you can.

Turn off the distractions: Put your phone on silent, turn off the tv, and get your mind ready for some sleep.

Darken the room: Hang up dark curtains, grab an eye mask to wear, and even consider earplugs to blackout the light and noise.

Exercise Daily: Hit the gym or just go on a 30-minute walk, anything that will help you release stress and pent up energy.

Cool Temperature: Keeping the room at a cooler temp can help your body relax.

Avoid Caffeine: As the shift winds down, slowly stop drinking that coffee or soda and by the time you get home your body won’t feel as stimulated.

Exercise:  Eating right, exercising daily, and drinking water also keeps your body on a natural daily routine.

The more you make your environment look and feel like nighttime, the easier it will be for your body to adapt for daytime sleeping.

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