The Coziest Fall Recipes

The Coziest Fall Recipes

It’s fall y’all! And that means it’s time to break out the crock-pot because it is the absolute BEST season to be in the kitchen whipping up cozy fall recipes.

Apples and pumpkins and stews, oh my! All of our favorite cozy fall crock-pot and dessert recipes can be found below and on our Pinterest board, “The BEST Fall Recipes”. Each recipe is linked for your convenience. 🙂


Cozy Fall Crock-Pot Meals:


Beef Stew


Slow Cooker Beef Stew


Cheesy Chicken Enchilada Soup


Cheesy Chicken Enchilada Soup - Coziest Fall Recipes


Chicken Pot Pie


Coziest Fall Recipes - Crock Pot Chicken Pot Pie


Cinnamon Applesauce


Cozy Fall Recipes - Crockpot Cinnamon Applesauce


Broccoli and Cheese Soup


Cozy Fall Recipes - Broccoli Cheese Soup


Cream Cheese Chicken Chili


Cozy Fall Recipes - Cream Cheese Chicken Chili


Cinnamon Roll Casserole


Cozy Fall Cinnamon Roll Casserole - Crockpot Style


Chicken & Dumplings


Cozy Fall Chicken and Dumplings


Chicken & Stuffing


Cozy Fall Recipes - Chicken and Stuffing

Tomato Tortellini Soup


Cozy Fall Soup


Cheesy Potato Soup


Cheesy Potato Soup - Cozy Fall Recipes


Tomato Soup


Slow Cooker Tomato Soup


Chicken Tortilla Soup


Cozy Fall Chicken Tortilla Soup


Chicken and Harvest Veggies


Cozy Fall Harvest Chicken and Veggies





Chicken Noodle Soup






Mac & Cheese




Fall Desserts (aka our favorite)



Pumpkin Pie



Cinnamon Rolls



Caramel Apple Slices


Caramel Apple Slices - Cozy Fall Recipes


Apple Pie Cups


Cozy Fall Recipes - Apple Pie Cups


Pumpkin Cheesecake Bars


Cozy Fall Recipes


Pecan Chocolate Chunk Cookies


Pecan Chocolate Chunk Cookies


Pumpkin Cheesecake Dip


Pumpkin Cheesecake Dip Recipe for Fall


Maple Oatmeal Cookies


Cozy Fall Recipes


Caramel Pumpkin Poke Cake


Caramel Pumpkin Poke Cake


Caramel Apple Dip


Fall Caramel Apple Dip


Pumpkin Roll


Cozy Fall Pumpkin Roll Recipe


Pumpkin Spice Cracker Toffee


Pumpkin Spice Cracker Toffee


Pumpkin Oatmeal Creme Pies


Pumpkin Oatmeal Cream Pies


Apple Crisp


Fall Apple Crisp


Pumpkin Bread


Easy Pumpkin Bread - Cozy Fall Recipes


Salted Caramel Pie


No Bake Caramel Apple Pie


Caramel Apple Taquitos


Caramel Apple Taquitos


Pumpkin Cheesecake Trifle


Pumpkin Cheesecake Trifle


Candy Corn Fudge


Candy Corn Fudge


We could go on and on and on and on…. but we would need a lot more space! Do you have a favorite cozy fall recipe? What about a traditional family recipe you love to create when the weather cools down and the leaves start turning? We’d love for you to share it with is!

Be sure to check out our Pinterest for more fall recipes (including casseroles) and don’t forget to give us a follow at California Casualty to stay up to date on every new fall recipe we discover! Scan our Pincode with your Pinterest camera to follow:


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Self Improvement Month – Tips for Self Improvement

Self Improvement Month – Tips for Self Improvement

Fall is around the corner and with the changing of the seasons comes changing of mindset. September is Self Improvement Month, aka time to get back to the basics, set goals for yourself, and really focus on your well-being.

Whether you are caught up in your day-to-day work-home-sleep schedule and you want to make a major change, or you would simply like to drink more water throughout the day, we have a simple list of things that you can do during September to help you improve your mind and body.

1. Get Organized. Clean out all of the clutter, whether it be physical clutter that is piling up and causing you stress at home or work. Or, emotional clutter- negative thoughts that keep you from achieving your goals. A stress-free space promotes positivity and will make it easier for you to reach your mental and physical goals.

2. Be More Healthy. Create a meal plan that you will actually stick to. Only eat out once a week, cut down on the fried food, drink enough water, eat more fruits and vegetables, monitor your caffeine/sugar intake. All of these are easy goals that you can implement into your diet to help your body feel stronger and less sluggish.

3. Change Your Habits. Yup, way easier said than done. Current habits that make you feel less than your best didn’t become habits overnight. Start with one thing you can do differently that would make you feel better mentally or physically. If you tend to feel rushed or stressed in the mornings, spend 10-15 minutes prepping the night before. Find yourself plopping down on the couch immediately after work? Take a walk around your building or parking lot before getting in the car to head home. Always reaching for that soda or sugary snack at a certain time of day and feeling guilty afterward? Replace it one or two days a week with an alternative that doesn’t make you feel bad about yourself. Regardless of what habits you want to change, focus on how you feel when you make an adjustment. Harness the positive feelings from the changes you make to keep yourself on track.

4. Get Out and Go. Plan a vacation or stay-cation. You could go take a trip across the world or build a fort in the living room. Just unplug yourself for a weekend (or longer) and don’t do anything work-related. It will give your mind the time it needs to rest and recoup.

5. Start Saving. It’s simple; pay your bills/loans, set a budget, and check your financial accounts daily. You could even set up an additional account and set a goal amount to put in each month. Having financial freedom, or at least some financial wiggle room, will take a giant weight off of your shoulders.

6. Don’t Be Complacent. If you aren’t happy in your career or relationship, leave. It may be complicated and seem scary, but your happiness is suffering because you are doing or are with someone that is bringing you down physically and emotionally. Do something for yourself and get the courage to get out, there will always be another partner or career, you just have to go find them.

7. Relax. It may seem impossible to find free time in your hectic day/week. This is why you need to make time to do something that relaxes you. It doesn’t have to be for a long period of time (but it certainly can be). Take ten minutes to do something that will put your mind in a positive place and get you ready to take the rest of the day or night. Some easy examples include taking breathing exercises, meditating, taking a short walk, listening to music or podcasts, getting a massage, or even just sitting with your eyes closed for a few minutes.

8. Challenge Yourself. Set attainable goals and create step-by-step plans to accomplish them. What do you want to do but always seem to find a reason not to? but you have yet to accomplish it make a goal for yourself to get it done within a certain time frame. The best way to keep the motivation to accomplish goals is to write them down physically and place them somewhere that you will see them often like the mirror or on the fridge. Write the end date on the bottom in big letters as a reminder of when you want them accomplished. Try and tell as many people as you can about your goals, so they can help hold you accountable.

It is important to remember that making changes to improve yourself may not happen overnight. There will be times you stumble. Eat ice cream three nights in a row and pass out watching Netflix? Spend a little too frivolously since last pay day? Don’t be too hard on yourself. Try to be more conscious of your decisions. Self-improvement is an investment in yourself! Take it one day at a time, keep your goals in mind, and never give up.

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Bicycle Safety

Bicycle Safety

Back to school is here and that means so is bicycle season! We are about to see an influx of children riding their bikes to and from school, extracurricular activities, and the houses of all of their new friends. Before your child straps on their helmet and takes off down the sidewalk, give yourself peace of mind knowing they are safe by educating them on Bicycle Safety.

Key Bicycle Safety TIPS:

  • Wear a helmet
  • Avoid night riding
  • No loose clothing
  • Check your tires & brakes
  • Don’t ride in bad weather
  • Look at for cars
  • Follow the rules of the road
  • Always be on the look out for hazards
  • NEVER drive distracted


Save our free Bicycle Safety printable below to give to your children or hang up next to their bike gear as a visual reminder that they can always refer back to.

Bicycle Safety for kdis

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Easy After School Snack Ideas for Kids

Easy After School Snack Ideas for Kids

It is officially back to school season!

As great as it is to buy the new school gear and hear about all of the new friends your kids are making, this time of the year can be hectic. Between new school schedules, after school programs, extracurricular activities, and athletic events it seems like there is just not enough time in the day, let alone to stop everything and make a snack!

That is why we have complied a list of easy after school snack ideas for kids. With so many recipes, even the pickiest of eaters can enjoy.

The best part is, these are recipes you can make ahead of time and grab when you are on the go. To make it easy for you, each recipe is linked back to out Pinterest Board: After School Snacks, so all you have to do is click on the picture and it will direct you to the recipe!


1. Turkey and Cheese Crescent Rolls

Easy Snacks for Kids


2. 5 Ingredient Ranch Snack Mix

Easy after school snacks














3. Chicken Nugget Sliders

After School Snacks for Kids


4. Apple Monster Cookies

After School Snacks


5. Frozen Yogurt Fruit Bark

After School Snacks


6. Butterfly Snack Bags

Easy After school Snacks


7. Chocolate Dipped Clementines

After School Snacks for Kids


8. Unsandwiches

Kids Snacks


9. Chunky Monkey Bites

Easy Snacks


10. Corn Dog Nuggets

Back to School


11. 3 Ingredient Cereal Bars

back to school snacks


12. Chicken, Bacon, Ranch Pinwheels

after school snacks


13. Energy Balls

Easy Snack Recipes


14. Banana and Nutella Sushi

No Bake Snacks for Kids


15. Pizza Toast

Easy Dinner Recipe


16. Ham, Turkey, and Cheese Roll-Ups

Easy Snack Idea


17. Animal Cracker Parfait

Easy Snacks


18. Cheesy Taco Sticks



19. Puppy Chow

Easy Puppy Chow Recipe


20. Frozen Fruit and Granola Cup

Fruit Cup Recipe


21. Baked Cinnamon Apple Chips

Baked Recipes


22. Banana Splits on a Stick

Easy On the Go Snacks


23. PB, Fruit, and Rice Cakes

Rice Cake Snack Ideas


24. Ham and Pickle Roll Ups

Simple Snacks


25. Frozen Fruit and Yogurt Sticks

Frozen Snacks


Head over to our Pinterest for more easy after school snack ideas for kids! We have also included ways to organization your snack drawer and pantry. Don’t forget to give us a follow at California Casualty to stay up to date on every new recipe idea we discover! Scan our Pincode with your Pinterest camera to follow:



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Survival Tips When the Temperature Rises

Survival Tips When the Temperature Rises

It’s summertime and temperatures are on the quickly rise. Extreme heat is more than an inconvenience though; it is a health hazard. It’s extremely important that we do all that we can to avoid overheating and that we all know the symptoms of heat related illnesses like:

Heat Cramps

These are muscular pain or spasms in the leg or abdomen – often a first sign of trouble. Getting a person to a cooler place and hydrating them with water or sports drinks usually alleviates them.


Heat Exhaustion

This is much more severe with symptoms of:

    • Cool moist pale, ashen or flushed skin
    • Headache
    • Dizziness
    • Nausea
    • Weakness
    • Exhaustion

Treatment includes moving to a cooler place with circulating air, remove or loosen clothing and apply cool, wet cloths or towels to the skin. Spraying a person with water helps as well as giving small amounts of fluids such as water, fruit juice, milk or sports drinks. If symptoms persist, call medical help immediately


Heat Stroke

This is a life threatening condition. Symptoms include high body temperature (above 103 degrees); hot, red skin; rapid and strong pulse; confusion and possible unconsciousness. Immediately:

    • Call 911
    • Move the person to a cooler place
    • Cool them with water by immersing them or spraying them
    • Cover them with ice packs or bags of ice

Children and Pets are at Risk

Don’t forget your precious cargo when the weather heats up. We think that it will never happen to our families, unfortunately, each year an average of 37 children and many hundreds of pets die from being left in hot cars. The majority is the result of a parent or caregiver who forgot the child or pet was in the vehicle. Even on a 70 degree day, the inside temperature can climb to a dangerous 110 degrees.

New technology and apps are being developed to warn parents of a child left in a car or truck, and the 2017 GMC Acadia will be the first vehicle with a built in sensor that alerts drivers to check the back seat for children or pets left in the car. Until these are tested and more readily available, safety groups have mounted campaigns to prevent child heat stroke danger with these warning tips:

    • Never leave a child or pet in an unattended vehicle
    • Keep vehicles locked so children can’t climb in
    • Always check the back seat before leaving the vehicle
    • Place a stuffed toy in the car seat when it’s unoccupied and move it to the front seat as a visible reminder when you put a child in the seat
    • Put a purse, brief case or other important items in the back seat with your infant or young child
    • Alert childcare facilities to notify you if your child fails to show up
    • Call 911 if you see a child alone in a vehicle and take action if you see they are in distress or unresponsive (break a window and remove them to a cool place and wait for emergency responders)

Personal Safety

When extremely hot weather hits, these are things you can do to alleviate the danger:

    • Drink plenty of water and rehydrating sports drinks
    • Avoid strenuous work during the heat of the day
    • Dress in loose-fitting, lightweight and light colored clothing
    • Stay indoors as much as possible
    • Never leave children or pets in a vehicle
    • Go to a basement or lowest floor of a house or building if there is no air conditioning
    • Consider spending the warmest part of the day in cool public buildings such as libraries, schools, movie theaters, malls and other community facilities
    • Spend time at a community pool or water park
    • Check on family, friends and neighbors (especially the very young or old) who do not have air conditioning

Home Prep has an extensive list of recommendations to help keep your home cool when the temperature rises:

    • Install window air conditioners snugly and insulate them
    • Check air conditioning ducts for proper insulation
    • Install temporary window reflectors (such as aluminum foil-covered cardboard) to reflect heat back outside
    • Cover windows that receive direct sunlight with drapes, shades, awnings or louvers
    • Keep storm windows up

Automobile Prep

Your car takes a beating in extreme heat. It’s a good reminder to:

    • Test your battery
    • Check your fluids – oil, coolant and wiper fluid
    • Get your air conditioning serviced
    • Inspect all hoses and belts for cracks or tears
    • Carry extra water or coolant


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Firework Safety

Firework Safety

The Fourth of July is a day of patriotism and pride. There’ll be BBQs, picnics, and parades all leading up to fireworks displays in towns and cities across the nation.

Family and friends will also gather for their own fireworks displays. While they can be beautiful and fun, safety groups warn to be safe when setting your own fireworks. All too many of us have known or heard about someone losing a finger, an eye, or suffering severe burns from an accident with one of these hot, exploding devices.

On average, more than 11,000 people are injured annually by fireworks. Young adults ages 20-24 are the most likely to be hurt, followed closely by children ages 5-9; most of the injuries occur on the hands and fingers, head, face and the eyes. Ouch! The National Fire Protection Association warns that even “kid friendly fireworks” like sparklers burn at 1,200 degrees – hotter than the temperatures that melt glass, plastics and some metals – inflicting terrible burns.

If you plan on setting off fireworks this year be safe and have fun! But always be sure to take the proper precautions so no one gets hurt. Follow these essential safety tips when you are shooting fireworks this weekend:

  • Never allow small children to play with or ignite fireworks
  • Only light fireworks one at a time, then move back quickly
  • Never place any part of your body directly over a firework when lighting it’s fuse and back up a safe distance immediately after lighting
  • Don’t try to re-light or pick up fireworks that have not ignited fully
  • Never point or throw fireworks at another person
  • Always keep a bucket of water or a garden hose handy in case of fire or other mishap
  • After fireworks complete their burning, douse it with plenty of water before discarding to prevent a trash fire

Be sure to also protect your home as well! The NFPA also warns that more fires are reported on Independence Day than any other day of the year, and fireworks account for two-out-of-five of those fires.

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