We Appreciate the Opportunity to Support You

California Casualty supports the many groups we work with in a variety of ways.

Recently, Partner Relations team members Brian Goodman and Tami Phillips paid a special visit to the Sonoma County Deputy Sheriff’s Association. They presented a token of our appreciation for the group’s heroic efforts during the disastrous fires that struck in October 2017. The deputies not only put their lives on the line for others, but also opened their facility to help coordinate firefighting and support efforts. SCDSA President Mike Vail accepted the plaque for all of the members of the association.  A similar presentation was made at the Marin County Deputy Sheriff’s Association.

Another program California Casualty is proud to sponsor is the National Volunteer Fire Council’s Junior Firefighter of the Year and Junior Firefighter Program of the Year awards.

Please join us in congratulating the winners: Jared Hagen, of the Northwest Fire Explorer Post 1854 in Ohio, is the 2018 Junior Firefighter of the Year, and the 2018 Junior Firefighter Program of the Year is being given to North Carolina’s Gaston Volunteer Fire Department Junior Firefighter Program. They will be formally honored April 20.

In addition, California Casualty has given athletics grants to public schools since 2011. This year, student-athletes at 79 public middle schools and high schools in 32 states will enjoy a more level playing field thanks to the 2018 California Casualty Thomas R. Brown Athletics Grant Program.

Pictured L to R: California Casualty’s Scott McKenna presenting a Thomas R. Brown Athletics Grant to Somersworth Middle School softball coach Kaley Waterman, Principal Dana Hilliard with NEA New Hampshire representative Jeff Kantorowski.




Grants totaling just over $83,000 are going to help sports programs impacted by diminishing resources and budget cuts. Some examples include:

  • Purchasing a tackling and blocking sled to improve safety for the Crosby High School (Connecticut) football team
  • Outfitting the Somersworth Middle School (New Hampshire) softball team with new uniforms
  • Providing soccer and track and field equipment for the Santan Junior High School (Arizona) ADAPTS sports program for autistic students
  • Supplying balls and basic equipment for the Matt Garcia Career and College Academy (California) volleyball and basketball teams

More than $660,000 has been awarded to some 600 schools across the nation since the program began.



Learn more about the many ways California Casualty gives back to the individuals and groups that we serve by visiting www.calcas.com/newsroom.


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4 Ways to Save with a Teen Driver

A new driver in the household can really impact your auto insurance rates. Did you know that California Casualty has some of the best teen driver rates in the industry, without skimping on protection or cutting any corners?

Here are some other ways you can control your car insurance premiums with a teen driver:

  1. Take advantage of good student discounts
  2. Buy them a vehicle with a good safety rating
  3. Enroll them in a driver safety education course
  4. Try to limit the miles they drive

There’s no greater value than the peace of mind you get from knowing your family is properly protected, while saving money.


Contact our Service department to learn about good student discounts and some of the best teen driver insurance rates in the business at 1.800.800.9410 option 3, or email service@calcas.com.

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Make the Most of Your Memorial Day Getaway

If you’re piling into your car or truck for Memorial Day fun, here are important tips to keep it from becoming a “Griswold Family” vacation:

  • Plan ahead – research the route and possible hazards and know the rules of the road in the new places you’re traveling to
  • Have your vehicle serviced – make sure it’s road-worthy by having fluids, tires, battery and other essentials checked and replaced
  • Prepare a safety kit – extra water, jumper cables, fire extinguisher, reflective triangles and sealant for flat tires can be trip savers in an emergency
  • Get plenty of rest – drowsy driving is dangerous. The effects of driving for 18 hours straight can equate to a blood alcohol level of .05; 24 hours straight is equivalent to a blood alcohol level of .10. Switch drivers or take a short nap if you feel tired
  • Always wear seat belts – safety groups estimate seat belts save 14,000 lives a year, yet as many as 10 to 20 percent of drivers don’t buckle in themselves or their passengers
  • Observe “move over” laws – every state now has a move over law requiring you to slow down and move over when you see an official vehicle with it’s warning lights on, to protect highway workers, first responders and law enforcement officers
  • Never leave children or pets in a vehicle – the heat inside a vehicle can reach dangerous levels in less than half an hour, even on 70-degree days

If you’re having a get-together instead of a getaway, remember these important safety tips:

  • Understand safe grilling – read grill instructions, check hoses, keep grills away from structures and never leave them unattended to avoid a disastrous fire
  • Check your deck – inspect and repair cracked boards, loose planks and rails, rusty hardware or rotted supports to prevent dangerous collapsing
  • Know pool safety – keep uninvited guests and small children out with full fencing, teach everyone in your family how to swim, never leave children alone near a pool, know CPR and consider removing slides and diving boards
  • Ensure you have enough liability protection – protect your assets with high liability limits or an umbrella policy in case someone sues if they get hurt at your home. Umbrella policies help pay for legal defense, medical costs and loss of wages

Whether you are home or away, some auto repairs may be more complicated. That’s why it’s important to have a reliable backup. Whether the battery let you down, your spare tire went flat or you locked the keys in the car, for as little as a couple dollars a month California Casualty’s towing and roadside assistance pays for:

  • Dead battery start
  • Flat tire repair
  • Lockouts
  • Fuel, oil or coolant delivery

California Casualty’s towing service also covers getting your vehicle to the nearest shop, even if you get stranded off-road in deep mud.


Contact our Customer Service department to add Express Road Assistance or to  purchase extra liability insurance at 1.800.800.9410 option 3, or email service@calcas.com.   

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We Hear the Pitter-Patter of Puppy Paws

Their little paws and happy faces have graced California Casualty for close to 15 years. They are the service dogs who temporarily call California Casualty home before heading off to become service animals for those with various disabilities.

Three of our employees are puppy trainers for Canine Companions for Independence, a nonprofit that provides service dogs for adults with physical disabilities, hearing issues, physical, cognitive and development disabilities, or for therapy in a visitation, education or healthcare setting.

If you have a pet-friend at home or work, you know how much joy and fun they bring. That’s how it is at California Casualty.

Each dog spends the first year-and-a-half of their life with a trainer getting socialized, learning commands and dealing with distractions. California Casualty, with a large number of employees with varying schedules and personalities, is the perfect place for their education, and the company encourages it.

While there have been as many as four pups roaming our hallways, there is currently only one – Darien, being raised and trained by Mary, one of our claims representatives. Darien is a year-old golden lab. He’s the 18th puppy that Mary has taken in.

She and her husband share a love of animals and a desire to give back to the community. Canine Companions was the perfect way to fit volunteering into their busy schedules.

The training has left a permanent bond between Mary and the pups. Mary keeps in touch with every dog, and each one remembers her when she visits, even a decade later.

Many people at work can’t wait to play with and puppy-sit Darien. One of those is Jasmine, who is convinced that spending time with Darien helps her as much as it helps him. “Darien makes me happy and makes my day go better,” she said.

Mary said that Darien is so popular that she often has to search to find where he has gone at various times of the day. “I know that many of my co-workers think Darien is a therapy dog for them, reducing stress and bringing joy to their day. They often come to my desk to give him pets when they are having a challenging day, saying how much it helps.”

Karen, the manager of our Learning and Development department, is another volunteer for Canine Companions. While raising puppies to go to others takes an emotional toll, she said it’s worth it knowing the joy and independence they give to those with physical disabilities.

We love the dogs that are fostered within our company walls, and we look forward to the pitter-patter of little paws and the boundless love when new ones arrive.


Learn more about Canine Companions and their dedication to helping others at www.CCI.org.

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California Casualty Gives Back

We realize how dedicated you are to making your communities better places. That’s why California Casualty created giving initiatives to say thanks to the members of the affinity groups with whom we work.

Recently, Tucson fire captain Max S. was the recipient of a $5,000 Work Hard/ Play Hard “Choose Your Tools” award from California Casualty. The contest recognized the dangerous work first responders do. Max loved the prize because it’s a gift that will last him a lifetime. “I appreciate California Casualty for understanding how hard firefighters work,” he said.

And New Jersey RN Kellie W., a policyholder herself, started the New Year with a $1,000 Nurses Night Out award from California Casualty. Kellie, a school nurse and a member of the New Jersey Education Association, said, “I was so surprised and honored to receive this prize from California Casualty.”

The Nurses Night Out award was created to thank nurses and nurse practitioners for all they do to keep their communities healthy. The winners can use the $1,000 in any way they wish: hosting a party, a relaxing day at the spa, or taking a much-needed vacation.

Nurse Kellie plans on using the funds for a summer tour of the national parks with her family, but will also treat teachers and staff at the school to a breakfast in the near future.

“California Casualty protects American heroes and we want to show our support to the men and women who take care of America,” emphasized Mike McCormick, California Casualty Sr. Vice President.


Learn more about the many ways California Casualty gives back to the individuals and groups that we serve by visiting www.calcas.com/newsroom.

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Got a Snowmobile? We Can Cover That.

Taking a ride on your snowmobile can be risky business. California Casualty has protection in case you or a family member accidentally runs into someone else gliding across the ice and snow.

Our snowmobile policies can provide coverage for:

  • Bodily injury and property damage liability
  • Comprehensive and collision
  • Uninsured motorists
  • Towing assistance

California Casualty also has the insurance you need for your RV.

Our Agency Services department can help insure high-performance snow machines and all-season, all-terrain vehicles such as quads and side-by-sides.

California Casualty wants to make sure that you can explore the great outdoors knowing that you have the insurance protection you need.

TAKEAWAY: Find out about the many insurance products California Casualty and our partner companies can provide for your snowmobile, ATV or RV at www.calcas.com/other-insurance.

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