In Your Community: Celebrating What You Do

May was a busy month for California Casualty as we celebrated the numerous appreciation days honoring you and all of the amazing things that you do. Our Partner Relations team was extra busy stopping by your various locations to say thanks. They loved sharing stories, seeing your smiles and showing how much we appreciate what you and your fellow educators, law enforcement officers, firefighters, first responders, EMTs, nurses and NPs do for our communities.

In recognition of May as Safe Driving Month, California Casualty was proud to sponsor and congratulate the recipients of more than $12,000 in grants given in the Spring 2018 Create Real Impact contest. Twice a year, students ages 14-22 are encouraged to submit essays or poems, artwork, videos, and music to address the critical teen distracted driving danger.

As the Presenting Sponsor of the California School Recognition Program, California Casualty is proud to make possible the events that honor the 2018 California Teachers of the Year, Classified Employees of the year, and the public schools named as Distinguished Schools.


From the many years that we have been visiting classrooms and listening to educators, we’ve learned that every person or school that is recognized represents dozens more that are doing great things for students, staff and their communities. Members of our organization joined Minnie and Mickey at the gala celebrating the 287 elementary schools named 2018 Distinguished Schools.


California Casualty is also celebrating the four Washington schools named Green Ribbon Schools by the U.S. Department of Education. The schools demonstrated how they reduced environmental impacts, improved health and wellness of students and staff and provided education on the environment incorporating STEM curriculum. California Casualty is proud to be the Local Sponsor, supporting future environmentalists with financial help, and presenting a special award to each of the schools.

California Casualty is always impressed when we get a chance to honor you and support the many groups that you belong to.

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Get Your Ride Ready For Summer

Boat Insurance Keeps You Afloat


Consider This: Boat Insurance Keeps You Afloat

Before you take to the open waters, take a moment to assess your insurance needs.

Many states do not require insurance for your boat, but most lenders and marinas do. A homeowners policy is not considered adequate for boat insurance. Homeowners insurance does not offer the coverages needed for the types of losses that occur with a boat, including salvage, wreck removal, or pollution liability. Another risk is that four-out-of-ten boaters don’t have insurance; you need to protect your family and water craft if one of them slams into you.

A boat insurance policy from California Casualty, or our partner insurer, can cover you for:

  • Medical costs
  • Damage to your vessel
  • Wreckage removal
  • Emergency towing
  • Fuel spill liability
  • Uninsured/underinsured boaters

TAKEAWAY: Let California Casualty help you stay afloat with the boat insurance you need. Policies vary, so it’s best to contact an advisor today at 1.877.652.2638 or

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Get Your Ride Ready For Summer

Celebrating What You Do

Good to Know: Get Your Ride Ready for Summer

The weather is warming and it’s time to ride. Whether you’re an “Easy Rider” or a café cruiser, don’t let a dead battery or clogged fuel line keep you from your adventures.

We know your life is hectic, so here’s a quick reminder of some things to inspect before you start your motorcycle’s engine:

  • Battery – check the terminals, clean dust and corrosion, tighten cables and give it a charge
  • Oil – start with fresh oil and filter
  • Fuel – drain old fuel and start with a fresh tank if you didn’t winterize your bike
  • Fluids – check that brake and hydraulic fluids are still good, replace any that looks dirty, and refill reservoirs
  • Brakes – look for cracks or leaks in lines, inspect the pads and test for any scraping or squealing noise
  • Inspect the drive belt tension and look for cracks or tears, or if you have a chain look for damaged links and worn or broken teeth
  • Tires – replace worn tires and check for pressure leaks

As you know, it’s also a good time to make sure your headlight, brake lights and turn signals are all working properly.  And if you bought a new bike or haven’t ridden all winter, safety experts recommend that you take a test ride to see how everything is working and have an opportunity to regain the feel of the road.

California Casualty can join you on the ride with quality motorcycle insurance at competitive rates. We cover most motorcycles, and if you ride something we don’t insure, we can find you motorcycle insurance through one of our partner providers.


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Boat Insurance Keeps You Afloat

Celebrating What You Do

Behind the Scenes: Join Our Online Community

If you are looking for information or want to share a cool picture, California Casualty is there for you. We are striving to be more than just your insurance company – we want to be a valuable resource, too. Our online community offers interesting articles, captivating photos, tweets and links that reflect what you are thinking and doing.

Head to the California Casualty blog ( for in-depth content and articles that pertain to your profession, information on how to get the most out of your insurance, and tips on how to protect your automobile and home. Some recent articles include “Five Ways to Get Excited About Being a Nurse Again,” “How to Make the Most of Your Summer Break Without Breaking the Bank,” and “Four Ways to Save with a Teen Driver.” Check back often to get a feel for what your peers and guest bloggers are writing and the ways that California Casualty supports you and your family.

Follow us on twitter ( to see and share tips for the classroom, find captivating information and heroic acts of first responders, and read what’s on the minds of nurses and other healthcare professionals. You’ll also catch glimpses of how California Casualty honors and supports the men and women we serve.

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To manage your policies, make changes or find insurance for your expensive toys (boats, snowmobiles or motorcycles), visit the California Casualty corporate website ( Logging in and creating an account gives you access to your policies at your convenience – anywhere, anytime. It’s a great place to send family members and colleagues who are looking for auto and home/renters insurance designed for their specific needs. There is also a careers page if you or someone you know wants to work for a company that protects American heroes.

Just like you, we are part of an online community looking for best practices, great stories and captivating photos. Take advantage of what others have contributed, and offer your opinion, pictures and stories through whichever online platform you prefer. We are there to help you exchange ideas with others who share your interests.

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Get Your Ride Ready For Summer

Boat Insurance Keeps You Afloat

Celebrating What You Do

We Appreciate the Opportunity to Support You

California Casualty supports the many groups we work with in a variety of ways.

Recently, Partner Relations team members Brian Goodman and Tami Phillips paid a special visit to the Sonoma County Deputy Sheriff’s Association. They presented a token of our appreciation for the group’s heroic efforts during the disastrous fires that struck in October 2017. The deputies not only put their lives on the line for others, but also opened their facility to help coordinate firefighting and support efforts. SCDSA President Mike Vail accepted the plaque for all of the members of the association.  A similar presentation was made at the Marin County Deputy Sheriff’s Association.

Another program California Casualty is proud to sponsor is the National Volunteer Fire Council’s Junior Firefighter of the Year and Junior Firefighter Program of the Year awards.

Please join us in congratulating the winners: Jared Hagen, of the Northwest Fire Explorer Post 1854 in Ohio, is the 2018 Junior Firefighter of the Year, and the 2018 Junior Firefighter Program of the Year is being given to North Carolina’s Gaston Volunteer Fire Department Junior Firefighter Program. They will be formally honored April 20.

In addition, California Casualty has given athletics grants to public schools since 2011. This year, student-athletes at 79 public middle schools and high schools in 32 states will enjoy a more level playing field thanks to the 2018 California Casualty Thomas R. Brown Athletics Grant Program.

Pictured L to R: California Casualty’s Scott McKenna presenting a Thomas R. Brown Athletics Grant to Somersworth Middle School softball coach Kaley Waterman, Principal Dana Hilliard with NEA New Hampshire representative Jeff Kantorowski.




Grants totaling just over $83,000 are going to help sports programs impacted by diminishing resources and budget cuts. Some examples include:

  • Purchasing a tackling and blocking sled to improve safety for the Crosby High School (Connecticut) football team
  • Outfitting the Somersworth Middle School (New Hampshire) softball team with new uniforms
  • Providing soccer and track and field equipment for the Santan Junior High School (Arizona) ADAPTS sports program for autistic students
  • Supplying balls and basic equipment for the Matt Garcia Career and College Academy (California) volleyball and basketball teams

More than $660,000 has been awarded to some 600 schools across the nation since the program began.



Learn more about the many ways California Casualty gives back to the individuals and groups that we serve by visiting


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4 Ways to Save with a Teen Driver

A new driver in the household can really impact your auto insurance rates. Did you know that California Casualty has some of the best teen driver rates in the industry, without skimping on protection or cutting any corners?

Here are some other ways you can control your car insurance premiums with a teen driver:

  1. Take advantage of good student discounts
  2. Buy them a vehicle with a good safety rating
  3. Enroll them in a driver safety education course
  4. Try to limit the miles they drive

There’s no greater value than the peace of mind you get from knowing your family is properly protected, while saving money.


Contact our Service department to learn about good student discounts and some of the best teen driver insurance rates in the business at 1.800.800.9410 option 3, or email

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