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ID Theft Protection- The Worst Passwords

Keeping track of all our security passwords and codes is a pain. There’s one for the credit cards, a few for work, and a half dozen others for everything from the online bill paying to our social media accounts. Since it’s become such hassle, all too many of us are...

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College Students & Renters Insurance

The rush is on to get everything ready as students head back to college. If yours are moving into a place of their own, don’t forget to purchase renters insurance to protect all the special items that make their new place their home away from home. Here are some...

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Tips to Keep Cool in a Hot Classroom

As students and educators head back to school, an uninvited visitor is joining them: summer heat. Much of the country is experiencing a late summer heatwave, sending temperatures to possible record highs. Teaching students in hot, uncomfortable classrooms is...

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Bicycle Safety

Back to school is here and that means so is bicycle season! We are about to see an influx of children riding their bikes to and from school, extracurricular activities, and the houses of all of their new friends. Before your child straps on their helmet and takes off...

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Easy After School Snack Ideas for Kids

It is officially back to school season! As great as it is to buy the new school gear and hear about all of the new friends your kids are making, this time of the year can be hectic. Between new school schedules, after school programs, extracurricular activities, and...

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Soft Skills To Teach in Your Classroom This Year

Soft Skills are very important non-academic skills that kids need to learn to help them throughout their lives. There are many ways teachers can incorporate soft skills to teach in the classroom. This can range from problem solving exercises, practicing mindfulness,...

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5 Classroom Design Tips for the New School Year

It's August, which means it's officially back to school season, and many teachers are working hard in their classroom to get it prepared for that first day!  An organized classroom is an integral part of the learning process. Did you know that the way you structure...

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Tips to Prevent a Summer Burglary

Summertime is in full swing! However, along with summer heat is the threat of summer burglary. Nobody wants to return home to find someone has burglarized their hard-earned possessions. Unfortunately, the U.S. Department of Justice warns that break-ins heat up during...

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