13 Free Easy Interactive Science Websites for Teachers

Don’t have the hands-on materials you need to teach science?  Don’t worry, you’re not alone.  Many districts and schools lack the funding to furnish science textbooks, materials, and equipment.  There is a solution.  These websites can help you teach science...

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Why Drivers Need to Move Over and Save a Life

“Move over; it’s the law!” That is the urgent message from public safety groups across the U.S. Here’s why; many of us freeze and don’t know what to do when we see an emergency vehicle on the side of the road with its lights flashing. Not moving over is breaking the...

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How to Make Back to School Night Less Stressful

Back to School Night can be a source of stress for many teachers.  Make Back To School Night a little less stressful with these helpful tips: Be Prepared Have everything ready to go the day before your Back To School Night.  Make the most of your time by getting...

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6 Ways to Keep Mindfulness in the Classroom

Students nowadays are becoming increasingly more stressed and anxious.  Teaching mindfulness in the classroom can help students learn to cope with emotional and mental stresses.  Students who are mindful demonstrate the ability to control their attention, remain calm,...

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Classroom Tech to Increase Student Engagement

Are your students truly engaged during your instruction?  Getting, and keeping, students academically engaged may be one of the most difficult aspects of teaching.   The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) says the number one way to increase...

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7 Easy Tools for Your Students’ Digital Portfolios

Performance-based assessment is rapidly becoming popular.  Student portfolios play a large role in this method of assessment and tell a story of student learning, achievement, and growth.  Student-created portfolios help educators, and students, reflect on...

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Drones: The New Threat to Firefighters

Drones: They are the new rage with millions now in the hands of hobbyists across the nation. They hoover, dive and provide amazing videos of dramatic scenery and inaccessible areas. While unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) can provide exciting new ways to recreate and...

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7 Strategies for Keeping Kids Off Their Electronic Devices

You’ve no doubt encountered the glazed look of your child mesmerized by a blue screened device. You’d like them to do their homework, go out and play, or spend some family time. Often, your demands or pleas to turn it off meet with an argument, indifference or just...

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3 Easy Ways to Keep Your Passion for Law Enforcement

Being a police officer, especially in today’s times, is a very demanding job and with each daily demand comes to an attitude that can build negatively after a while. We have some ideas to help change your mindset about how you feel at your job in law enforcement. A...

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