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Car Insurance Fraud

It never feels good to fall victim to a scam or pay more for a product because of it. That’s what it is like with car insurance fraud. Car insurance fraud happens when someone lies to get a better rate or a larger payout. It could be intentional or accidental, but...

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Fire Pit Safety

It’s a beautiful night to sit around the fire pit. The flicker of the flames and the crackling of the fire create the perfect backdrop for relaxation and conversation. Yet the scene can quickly turn dangerous without the right precautions. Each year, fire pits send...

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Car Depreciation

The moment you drive a new car off the lot, it begins to lose its value. This can come as quite a shock to new car owners. After all, you just spent your hard-earned money on a vehicle. Yet car depreciation is a reality. Understanding it will help anyone looking to...

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2024 Summer Reading List for Teachers

It’s time for a well-deserved break and a chance to catch up on your reading. Whether it's for professional development or relaxation, a summer reading list is a staple for educators. Let's explore some must-reads to make the most of your summer downtime.  ...

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