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6 Myths of Winter Home Maintenance

Tomato juice is the best way to de-funk a skunked dog. Newspapers are the top choice for getting your windows sparkly clean. You’ve probably heard these tips a million times before? Too bad they don’t actually work! When it comes to maintaining your home, the last...

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Employee Spotlight: Rebecca Stumpf

We have amazing employees at California Casualty. The Employee Spotlight is a new series aiming to highlight those talented individuals that make up our successful company culture and community. From human resource recruiters and learning and development trainers to...

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Thank a Peace Officer Today!

Today is National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day (LEAD) – a day designated to honor the more than 800,000 men and women across the country who have taken the pledge to protect and serve. From fighting crime and saving lives to ensuring public safety, responding to...

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Lessons Learned from Teaching in 2020

2020 has been a bumpy ride for everyone, especially for our teachers, school staff, and students. Between the sudden shift to remote learning in the spring, a summer spent stressing about protocols and procedures, and an uneasy and ever-changing fall semester, they're...

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Teachers Returning from Winter Break Memes

It's that time of year again.... winter break is officially over. Sure, there is nothing better than seeing your students faces after a few weeks away from each other; but let's be real, it feels so good to be able to lay around in your PJ's all day and not do...

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Finding Motivation After Winter Break

Congratulations on surviving another semester of pandemic schooling, which could be considered enough stress for an entire school-year itself. You’re now savoring the last of your winter break and some hard-earned R&R. But the mornings are dark; it’s cold and...

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