14 Student-Safe Search Engines for All Grade Levels

Teaching students how to properly research on the internet is a difficult task.  With the right tools, teachers can help students find reliable, meaningful information.  Help your students to conduct online research using these safe, effective search engines and... read more

10 Free Ways Teachers Can Relax This Spring Break

You’ve nearly made it!  Spring break is just within reach!  Spring break can be a great time for teachers to get away.  It’s also a time when teachers should take a break from the stress of the classroom.  Here are some great ways you can de-stress over your break.... read more

8 Teacher Resources for Read Across America Day

The National Education Association’s Read Across America Day is celebrated annually on March 2, Dr. Seuss’s Birthday.  Schools, libraries, and communities encourage students to read using children’s author Dr. Seuss as inspiration. Each year, my elementary school... read more

5 Ways to Prevent an Officer from Burnout

As a police officer, physical and mental stresses are encountered daily, which can eventually take a toll. All of these stressors can lead to a hectic life. Burnout doesn’t happen overnight; it’s developed gradually and is different for each person.  But the most... read more

7 Things to Keep in Your Car to Make Your Life Easier

Have you ever thought about what exactly you have in your car as far as essentials? Your idea of emergency kits and necessities may need a refresh and some new additions.   Tissues and Wipes: Even if you don’t have kids, having wipes ready can help quickly clean... read more

21 Store Discounts for Educators and Their Classroom

According to Money magazine, teachers spend an average of $500 per year on school supplies for their classrooms.  Teachers are also spending their hard-earned money on other items for students like clothing, food, bus fare, etc.  If this rings true for you, then you... read more

Getting to the Heart of Valentine’s Day

What’s more romantic than Valentine’s Day? It’s the day of love, and no other day has as much meaning for those true to the heart. Don’t make the mistake of forgetting your special person on February 14; 53% of women said they would end their relationship if they... read more

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