#ThisIsMyMoment – Hannah Davis

Hannah Davis is an educator and NEA Member. She works every day to inspire and educate her middle school science students. When she faced serious personal challenges, she turned it into a learning opportunity for her class. Watch the video above and learn how the... read more

6 Free Professional Development Resources for Educators

Accumulating professional development hours for recertification can be expensive, especially if your district doesn’t provide the p.d. for you or offer monetary reimbursement for coursework.  You’ve already spent enough of your own money on your classroom, so why... read more

8 Simple Ways to Appreciate Teachers (When You Are One)

I know, I know.  You don’t need someone to tell you how to appreciate teachers when you ARE the teacher; you know how to appreciate your own kind.  But have you really attempted to show your support and appreciation for your fellow teachers in your building?  If you... read more

7 Easy Free Math Websites You Can Use in the Classroom Now

I enjoy teaching out of our math textbooks and using the nifty manipulatives, cross-curricular centers, leveled readers, and other integrated activities which come with our math series.  However, sometimes, it’s nice to shake things up a bit and jump on the computers... read more

5 Home Risks to Eliminate This Spring

Spring is here. As we look forward to longer, warmer days, it’s a good time to look around your home or apartment and identify the elements that might pose a danger to you or others. You might also eliminate conditions that could cause unnecessary damage. Here are... read more

8 Easy Classroom Behavior Management Tools and Apps

The term “classroom management” implies a process used by teachers to ensure students are learning during instruction even while disruptive behavior is occurring.  Teachers use a variety of strategies and techniques to prevent distracting behaviors or to impose... read more

12 Easy No-Prep Formative Assessment Strategies

Formative assessment is meant to monitor student learning and provide teachers information to help guide instruction during a lesson or unit.  It can help teachers target areas of weakness, identify strengths, and differentiate.  Using appropriate formative assessment... read more

Earth Day Websites and Activities For All Grade Levels

Earth Day, observed on April 22nd, is a convenient opportunity to discuss environmental concerns and promote environmental awareness with your students.  Check out the following websites and activities for Earth Day resources to use in your classroom. Websites United... read more

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