Pet Passenger Safety Tips

You know the look. The one you get as you're preparing to leave the house. You glance down and see those eyes silently asking you to come along. Maybe the look is also accompanied with a small but very hopeful wag of the tail. The subtle (or sometimes not so subtle)...

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Ways for Teachers to Relax During Winter Break

It’s no secret that being a teacher makes it harder for you to relax. Your mind is always on the classroom.  Even when you have time to yourself after school or on the weekends you are stuck with grading, lesson planning, extracurriculars, supply shopping,...

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Porch Pirates

It’s December and the holiday season is quickly approaching! That means an abundance of packages are going to be arriving at homes across the country from now until Christmas Day. Unfortunately, that also means there is also going to be an abundance of...

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Last-Minute Thanksgiving Dishes

'Twas two nights before Thanksgiving..... The Turkeys are busy unthawing and the smell of pumpkin & pecan pie lingers in the air. To some, it's a comforting feeling, to have everything all planned and in the process of creation for their Thanksgiving feast, but to...

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10 Must Do’s to Protect Yourself on Cyber Monday

'Tis the season of joy, shopping, and unfortunately cyber thievery. While millions of Americans will be looking online for Cyber Monday bargains, crooks will be trying to steal their money, personal information, and identity. It’s estimated that a person’s...

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