Teachers: Finding Balance Over the Summer Months

Written by Casey Boehm, OEA First Grade Teacher Finding balance is the key to having a restful summer so that you can be recharged and ready to tackle a new school year in the fall. Teachers’ schedules are busy, even during the summer. Between preparing things for...

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Heat Safety for Pets

Just as hot summer days can be dangerous for people, they also put our 4-legged companions at risk of heat stress. When the temperature soars this season, follow the 9 tips below to keep your pets safe and healthy. Never Leave Pets in a Parked Car In just 10 minutes,...

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Surviving Extreme Heat, Heat Exhaustion, & More

Its summertime and temperatures are quickly on the rise! Extreme heat is more than an inconvenience though; it is a health hazard. It’s extremely important that we do all that we can to avoid overheating and that we all know the symptoms of heat-related illnesses...

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14 Quick and Easy Summer Snacks

This summer, the last thing you want to do is spend time in a hot kitchen, so don't! Prep a quick snack that you can eat all throughout the week and into those lazy summer weekends. Here are 14 snacks that are quick, easy, and are light on your stomach- perfect for...

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A Summer Reading List for Teachers

As a teacher, at this point you know summer vacation is practically a myth. Between lesson planning, reviewing curriculum, PD seminars, virtual meetings, etc. it can be hard to find time to relax. Even on the few days you aren't planning and dealing with the...

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Employee Spotlight: Tanner Pfeifer

We have amazing employees at California Casualty. The Employee Spotlight is a new series aiming to highlight those talented individuals that make up our successful company culture and community. From human resource recruiters and learning and development trainers to...

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Summer Pool Safety Tips

We live for those carefree summer days spent splashing in the water, but they may have a dark side- drowning is the leading cause of unintentional death in children ages 1 to 4. It is often silent and quick, meaning it only takes a few minutes of unsupervised time in...

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Summertime Backyard Dangers

Backyards were made for carefree summer days, family BBQs and dinners al fresca. Unfortunately, they’re also the site of many summertime injuries. Use this summer safety list to assess your backyard for potential hazards and make the required fixes. Here are 9 hidden...

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Avoid These Top 10 Driving Mistakes

Our streets and freeways are coming back to life after having been empty for months. Now that we’re all getting back on the road, we’re getting re-acquainted with driving etiquette, traffic laws and sharing space with other drivers . . . which makes this a great time...

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