A Day With Firefighters – Journey’s Experience

day with firefighters
A day with firefighters

A Day With Firefighters – Journey’s Experience

Join 8-year old Journey for a special behind the scenes look in to a day in the life of a Firefighter. Watch as he learns why fire stations have sleeping quarters. See what happens when a call comes in – even at 2 in the morning. Plus, find out how heavy fire gear really is.

As a special bonus, check out Journey demonstrate his dynamic STOP, DROP and ROLL moves! 

Be sure to check out the other videos in our Heroes series at https://mycalcas.com/leoheroesvideo/. Or check out California Casualty’s  YouTube Channel.

We’d like to extend an extra special thanks to the Firefighters and Police Officers who took the time to participate in our Heroes Video Series. It was a privilege to experience a day in your lives through the eyes of Giselle, Jayden and Journey! We appreciate your dedication and all you do to strengthen and enhance the quality of life in American communities.  
The Heroes Video Series was filmed and produced by Wide Awake Films.
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Giselle and Jayden Get Picked Up by the Police- Episode 2

In Episode 1, you got to see what happened when Giselle and Jayden got picked up by Law Enforcement and got a glimpse of the bravery and heroism it takes to protect the community while learning that behind the badge are moms, dads, brothers, sisters…regular people who have dedicated themselves to making a difference in the world we live in.

During Episode 2, Jayden and Giselle get brought in to the station. Check out what happens in the interrogation room and in the bomb and arson unit. Plus, find out who gets the cuffs in the end!

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