Your home is your canvas, even if you’re just renting. With a little creativity and some renter-friendly tricks up your sleeve, you can plan a room makeover that reflects your personal style—all while keeping your security deposit intact. Here are some of our favorite remodel/redecorating hacks for renters.

Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper: Transform those white walls into a style statement. It’s easy to do with peel-and-stick wallpaper. This type of wallpaper doesn’t require glue, and it’s easy to peel off when you’re ready to move out. Not only can you update your place with trendy patterns and colors, but you can also find removable decals with inspirational quotes.

Temporary Backsplash: An easy way to spruce up your kitchen or bathroom is with a temporary backsplash. Like peel-and-stick wallpaper, these options are easy to install and remove. However, if you’re putting up a backsplash near your stove, make sure to use one that is rated for long-term heat exposure. Thoroughly clean and dry your wall before applying for best results. To remove, apply heat with a hair dryer before peeling it off.

Peel-and-Stick Floor Tile: Give your floor a makeover with peel-and-stick tiles. You can apply adhesive tiles right over the current floor. Note that these tiles are not stickers. They’re thick and rigid and must be cut to size. In addition, they take some work to remove. Research the removal process before you commit. It involves adhesive remover, putty knives, a pry bar, and pliers.

Cabinet Hardware: Upgrading the hardware on your cabinets is an easy way to modernize your kitchen or bathroom. Replace the cheap brass with some matte black pulls for an elegant look or find one that’s uniquely you. Just keep the old hardware so you can replace it when you move.

Light Switch Plates: Chances are your light switch plates are old, faded, and ho-hum. Change them to bright white for a fresh look. Or take them to the next level and decoupage them with your favorite print. Again, keep the original plates to replace when you leave.

Decorative Lighting: Swap out those basic builder-grade light fixtures for something with pizzazz! Choose trendy pendant lights or chic table lamps to illuminate your space in style. Battery operated wall sconces are easy to install and they provide a cozy feel. Just remember to keep the original fixtures stored safely so you can reinstall them before you move out.

Colorful Curtains: Don’t underestimate the power of curtains to elevate your space! Choose bold colors and designs to add drama and personality to your room. They’re easy to install and can be taken down and rehung in your next place.

Furniture Makeovers: Don’t be afraid to get creative with your furniture! Add a fresh coat of paint to a drab dresser, swap out hardware for something more stylish, or cover an old sofa with a colorful throw blanket. These simple updates can breathe new life into your space without causing any damage.

Decorative Room Divider: Freestanding room dividers not only separate and define spaces but they can add to your décor. Use them as a display to hang accessories or art. Just make sure the items are lightweight and non-breakable should they get tossed when the divider is moved about.

Large Mirror: Lean a large mirror against the wall to create a spacious, airy feel and make your apartment seem immediately bigger. By leaning it, rather than attaching it to the wall, there are no holes to fill.

Window Film: If you don’t have window curtains or shades, try a patterned window film. It sticks to the window with just static cling or water and provides privacy without blocking the light. Plus, the pattern adds style to your space. Then, when you’re ready to move out, simply peel it off.

Showerhead: Chances are you have a standard showerhead. Replace it with a larger one to create a spa-like experience. Because showerheads just screw off and on, it’s easy to do. Just keep the original so that you can reattach it when you leave.

Paint: If your landlord allows it, paint is one of the easiest ways to renovate your space. It has an immediate impact, and it’s relatively easy to DIY. Since you will have to restore the original color when you move, consider painting a single statement wall.

Balcony Upgrade: If you have a balcony or porch, there are so many ways to create an inviting space. See our blog on easy apartment balcony upgrades.

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