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Discounts for Nurses

Nurses work long hours around the clock to save lives and provide patients with the best level of care; however they do so much more than just physical care. Nurses provide emotional support and educate patients and families on conditions, they create high-level...

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Wildfire Preparation Tips

Wildfires seem to be burning faster and more intense than ever. The past few years have seen the largest and most destructive conflagrations in US history. Wildfire preparation tips are more important than ever. Too many people have come back to find melted remnants...

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Simple Ways Educators Can Ease Back Into School

heading back to school Summer break is winding down. Your mind is becoming consumed with thoughts about heading back to school. For some, it’s an easy transition, but for others, it’s a shock to the system. As the calendar flips to August, get yourself refocused on...

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Are You Helping a Car Thief?

Car theft and robberies spike in the summer. Why? Because many vehicles are left for long hours in parking areas, restaurants, tourist attractions, and even at home for days at a time while many families go on vacation. That means, during these next few months, we all...

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First Responder Discounts

Firefighters, Police Officers, and EMTs put their lives on the line every day, while also finding time to serve their communities. Whether they are saving lives by running into burning buildings, comforting the scared when tragedy strikes, or just simply having fun in...

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Summer Home Maintenance

From pulling weeds to cleaning floors, it seems like house work never ends, but it’s a lot easier to tackle before the change of seasons. The warmth of summer is a good time to do maintenance that will prevent damage, prepare your home for winter, and add long-lasting...

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Teachers: Maximize the Last Weeks of Summer

Back-to-school is right around the corner, and if you have been spending your summer catching up on all of the things you put off last school year, it's time for a break. Finish up what is necessary, and enjoy these last weeks of summer before school stars up again!...

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Discounts Available for Educators

Teachers play one of the most important roles in our lives growing up. They are our role models, our best friends, our confidants, our parents away from home, and so much more. Teachers are continually molding the minds of children and young adults all over the world...

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Get a $25 gift card when you complete an auto quote with a representative.

*Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.  One gift card per household, per year.  Offer not valid when a California Casualty policy is already in force.  Offer not valid in FL, GA, MD, NC, ND, TN and UT.
Offer not available to United MileagePlus® Members.

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