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Questions to Ask Before Boarding Your Pet

Spring break will be here before you know it and summer is right around the corner.  If your plans include travel and Fido isn’t invited, here are a few things to consider when deciding where and who will care for your four-legged family member while you’re away. Is...

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10 Kindness Week Ideas for Schools

Random Acts of Kindness Week is the third week of February, with February 17 designated as Random Acts of Kindness Day. Here are 10 ideas for teachers and students that can not only be fun, but help others to spread kindness: Create a kindness wall or bulletin board...

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If You “Put a Ring on It”, Insure It

February is the month of love. If you choose to show your love with an expensive piece of jewelry, you’ll want to protect that enduring representation of your love. One of the best ways is to purchase scheduled personal property (SPP) insurance (sometimes called a...

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Paradise Educators Get A School Lounge Makeover

Despite losing homes and setting up classes in a temporary building 25 miles away in Chico, Paradise Intermediate School (PINT) staff are back at work helping students. The vacant Orchard Supply Hardware store where the school is now housed is not the most...

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What Educators Need to Know about Classroom Quiet Zones

Our Education Blogger is a public school teacher with over a decade of experience. She’s an active NEA member and enjoys writing about her experiences in the classroom.   Have you ever heard of a classroom quiet zone?  Want to learn more?  We’ve outlined some...

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5 Foolproof Ways to Stick to your New Year’s Resolution

New Year, new you. Right? That’s what everyone says. Statistics say that 80% of resolutions fail by February. Start 2019 with a new goal and achieve what you put your mind to. Here are some simple steps to keep from feeling overwhelmed and help you stick to your new...

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10 Things You Need To Know As A New Teacher

You’ve spent long hours preparing for your career in teaching. Research, studying, student teaching, creating lesson plans and interviewing can only prepare you for so much. Your biggest lessons will come from experience. We’ve gathered some tips to remember as you...

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Get a $25® Gift Card when you complete your auto insurance quote with a representative.

*Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.  One gift card per household, per year.  Offer not valid when a California Casualty policy is already in force.  Offer not valid in FL, GA, MD, NC, NM, ND, TN and UT.
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