WA FMM Erica Reich Teaches High School Class

Customer Care Specialist Darrah Zinn recently received an interesting request from Union High School (Evergreen SD – Washington) Math Teacher and long-term customer Jeanie Langley.  “Our customer sent me an email and inquired about an expert to teach insurance to her students,” said Darrah.  Darrah forward this request to the Partner Relations Department for follow-up.  It turns out that our customer wanted to mix it up a bit in her Financial Literacy senior class.  “My students were losing interest and I needed to do something to bring them back around,” Jeanie told us.  “They are about to be real-life adults so this is serious!  I wanted to invite specialists in as guest speakers.”  On different days, Jeanie invited a financial planner, a car dealer, and a representative from the local utility company to speak to her seniors.  Ultimately, Darrah led Jeanie to WA Field Marketing Manager Erica Reich who agreed to take the lead role in Jeanie’s “Auto Insurance” module within Union High School’s Financial Literacy class.


Erica arrived at Union HS bright and early on Friday May 11th.  With Flash drive and Clicker in hand, she was prepared to talk through a 45 minute PowerPoint presentation she worked on with her Team Manager Brian Goodman.  “Jeanie told me beforehand that this group of students can be inattentive,” Erica added.  “So that’s why I brought a few ‘Distracted Driving Kills’ ITD tee-shirts with me as prizes… I was throwing them at the kids right away if they engaged with me.”  It didn’t take long before the students were learning the difference between liability insurance, collision and comprehensive coverages, transportation, uninsured motorist, PIP, and towing options.  “We taught them how to read a Dec Page!  It was a lot of fun and felt like the right thing to do,” Erica said.


“It didn’t take long for the word to get out,” said TM Brian.  “She did such a nice job with this.”  A few days after her presentation, Erica received an email from fellow Evergreen SD teacher Allison Smith Wallace.  Allison teaches Personal Finance at neighboring He La High School.  She heard about the class Erica taught for her friend Jeanie.  Allison asked that Erica bring her expertise to her classroom, as well.  Allison said, “They have to learn to budget living expenses, investments, insurance, and credit cards.  So now, Erica will be teaching two separate Personal Finance auto insurance modules on May 24th.  Brian added, “Word spreads quickly!  First off, Erica is volunteering her time to help kids which is worth it right there.  And secondly, she is showing Evergreen High School educators the spirit of what California Casualty is all about.  It’s not always about selling an immediate auto policy – that will come.  Building relationships with NEA members at all levels in the field is our key to success.”


As Erica was leaving the class at the end of that first presentation, our customer Jeanie Langley told her, “I’m going home to look at my California Casualty Dec Page!”

5 Ways to Get Excited About Being a Nurse Again


Have you lost the happy feeling that your job used to bring? Are you already annoyed by the thought of your job? Let’s find that joy and smile that you once had from being a nurse.


These 5 ways will make you feel more passionate about nursing:


1. Find a support system. If you hate your job, most likely you will withdraw from the people that you work with. Research shows that your co-workers are the number one reason for loving your job. Find people that have similar interests and values as you. Don’t be afraid to make the first move of initiating a conversation. Smile. Offer help. Be a part of a community.

2. Let it go. Being a nurse involves a ton of emotions. You, like a sponge, absorb some patient’s pain and that can take a toll. Learn that a patient’s struggle isn’t personal towards you and let that stress go. Focus on the best parts of the day, the good you’ve done for your patients.

3. Avoid Games. Don’t get sucked into office politics. It can be an easy trap to fall into but avoid at all costs. Take the different road and find a different joy in games on your phone or new hobbies.

4. Follow the Sunshine. Work can feel like a beat down after a while. So through the darkness, search for the sunshine. Find the joy in the office. Ask to help with a project or co-worker.
Finding joy in your job is a choice and takes practice. There will be hard days but look for the positive in each one. Remember the hobbies and happiness that is outside of work too.


What helps you get through the hard days? Share with us in the comments.


Educators: Win a Dodge Journey

As a busy educator, your journey through life offers new adventures at every turn: enriching students, finding work/life balance and giving back to your community.



The “Wherever Your Journey Takes You…We’ll be There” Sweepstakes is a reminder of the importance of having the right insurance for every stage of life:

  • New teacher
  • Just married
  • Growing family
  • Teen drivers
  • Empty nester
  • Retirement


Make sure you have the right insurance for the detours or bumps in the road – and enjoy the ride in a new Dodge Journey – visit www.WinAJourney.com



We Appreciate the Opportunity to Support You

California Casualty supports the many groups we work with in a variety of ways.

Recently, Partner Relations team members Brian Goodman and Tami Phillips paid a special visit to the Sonoma County Deputy Sheriff’s Association. They presented a token of our appreciation for the group’s heroic efforts during the disastrous fires that struck in October 2017. The deputies not only put their lives on the line for others, but also opened their facility to help coordinate firefighting and support efforts. SCDSA President Mike Vail accepted the plaque for all of the members of the association.  A similar presentation was made at the Marin County Deputy Sheriff’s Association.

Another program California Casualty is proud to sponsor is the National Volunteer Fire Council’s Junior Firefighter of the Year and Junior Firefighter Program of the Year awards.

Please join us in congratulating the winners: Jared Hagen, of the Northwest Fire Explorer Post 1854 in Ohio, is the 2018 Junior Firefighter of the Year, and the 2018 Junior Firefighter Program of the Year is being given to North Carolina’s Gaston Volunteer Fire Department Junior Firefighter Program. They will be formally honored April 20.

In addition, California Casualty has given athletics grants to public schools since 2011. This year, student-athletes at 79 public middle schools and high schools in 32 states will enjoy a more level playing field thanks to the 2018 California Casualty Thomas R. Brown Athletics Grant Program.

Pictured L to R: California Casualty’s Scott McKenna presenting a Thomas R. Brown Athletics Grant to Somersworth Middle School softball coach Kaley Waterman, Principal Dana Hilliard with NEA New Hampshire representative Jeff Kantorowski.




Grants totaling just over $83,000 are going to help sports programs impacted by diminishing resources and budget cuts. Some examples include:

  • Purchasing a tackling and blocking sled to improve safety for the Crosby High School (Connecticut) football team
  • Outfitting the Somersworth Middle School (New Hampshire) softball team with new uniforms
  • Providing soccer and track and field equipment for the Santan Junior High School (Arizona) ADAPTS sports program for autistic students
  • Supplying balls and basic equipment for the Matt Garcia Career and College Academy (California) volleyball and basketball teams

More than $660,000 has been awarded to some 600 schools across the nation since the program began.



Learn more about the many ways California Casualty gives back to the individuals and groups that we serve by visiting www.calcas.com/newsroom.


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4 Ways to Save with a Teen Driver

A new driver in the household can really impact your auto insurance rates. Did you know that California Casualty has some of the best teen driver rates in the industry, without skimping on protection or cutting any corners?

Here are some other ways you can control your car insurance premiums with a teen driver:

  1. Take advantage of good student discounts
  2. Buy them a vehicle with a good safety rating
  3. Enroll them in a driver safety education course
  4. Try to limit the miles they drive

There’s no greater value than the peace of mind you get from knowing your family is properly protected, while saving money.


Contact our Service department to learn about good student discounts and some of the best teen driver insurance rates in the business at 1.800.800.9410 option 3, or email service@calcas.com.

Read all the articles from this edition of the Calcas Connection Newsletter:

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