The Drawbacks of Premium Paybacks


Joe Volponi, President & CEO of California Casualty, speaks about the insurance industry during the coronavirus with David Perry on the “Great Pause” online news program.

As other insurance companies jump to reduce premiums, during the pandemic, Joe explains why a long-term premium relief strategy, like the one California Casualty is taking, has policyholders’ best interest for the future.



Virtual Communities and New Connections

Virtual Communities and New Connections

Over the last months, we learned to (quickly) shift our communities online — or create entirely new ones where there were none before.

If there are any silver linings to this pandemic, a strengthened sense of connection definitely tops the list. It’s no surprise that the professionals we serve — educators, first responders, nurses, and peace officers — have so often been the ones building community and connection.

Here’s a round-up of some heartwarming and creative ways they’ve brought us together while we’ve had to stay apart.



    • Positivity parade. To cheer their students up, teachers across the nation have driven through their students’ neighborhoods in car parades, oftentimes in vehicles decorated with joyful signs, messages, and decorations.
    • Teacher memes. Parents have certainly had a crash course in homeschooling — and their reflections (and teachers’ responses) have led to some brilliant memes.
    • Keepin’ it real. This music teacher’s video went viral when she shared what it’s like switching to online teaching and learning.
    • Mask project. Two former school administrators launched a mask-making project to support their communities’ frontline medical workers.
    • Keeping kids fed. Educators across the country have made sure that no students go hungry during school closures.



    • Dance as medicine. Lifting spirits while delivering excellent care, these nurses use dance to bring humor and positivity to their Covid-19 patients. Check out all five videos — we dare you to keep a dry eye!
    • Stepping up, showing up. School nurses have been answering the need in communities everywhere, whether by administering tests at Covid-19 testing sites, doing wellness checks on hundreds of students, or rounding up donations and supplies for other frontline workers.
    • Creative stress-busting. Nurses and doctors are using humor, dance moves, and creativity to stay sane, spread smiles, and promote safety.
    • #904RainbowHunt. Trying to cultivate hope in an uncertain time, an ICU nurse created a (now burgeoning) Facebook group for people to create, share and hunt for rainbows in neighborhood windows.


First Responders

    • Storytime with peace officers. To comfort and connect with kids during stressful times, law enforcement officers nationwide have been reading to kids virtually.
    • Cribs – firehouse edition. Firefighters give kids a personal virtual tour of their fire station — from the living quarters to the garage, fire engines and everything in between.
    • Heroes cheering heroes. First responders cheer on frontline healthcare workers in New York and Pennsylvania with sirens, lights and applause.
    • #HeartsforHealthcare. Firefighters and first responders are sharing the love — by parking their engines and cruisers in heart shapes — to show support for healthcare workers.


Times of crisis bring out both the worst and best in people. We’re ever grateful to our American Heroes for bringing their best to their communities and inspiring us all to find ways to connect to and support each other.


This article is furnished by California Casualty, providing auto and home insurance to education professionals, law enforcement officers, firefighters, and nurses. Get a quote at 1.866.704.8614 or

Keeping Your Car Virus-Free

Keeping Your Car Virus-Free

As the nation begins to open its doors and more people get back on the road, it’s important — now more than ever — to make safety your number one priority. Not only following all of the traffic laws, but also making sure your vehicle is clean and free of any harmful bacteria or viruses, like coronavirus.

Routine vehicle cleaning and disinfecting will ensure the safety of you and your passengers. So, whether it’s a few trips to the grocery store, getting a much-needed haircut, or returning to the office, as we head into our “new normal,” remember to consistently clean and disinfect your vehicle to help you stay healthy and safe.


Items You’ll Need

    • Disposable gloves
    • A bucket of warm water
    • Soap (preferably anti-bacterial)
    • Microfiber cloths
    • Disinfectant wipes (if available)
    • A portable vacuum


Cleaning Your Vehicle

Before you start, make sure to suit up in gloves and a facemask, as well as clothes that can be washed as soon as you’re done.

Next, thoroughly clean the most high-touched areas. These include:

    • Steering wheel
    • Gear shift
    • Turn signal/wiper lever
    • Navigation screen
    • Door handles (inside and outside)
    • Dashboard
    • Heating/cooling controls and vents
    • Radio dials
    • Seats and armrests
    • Seatbelts and latches
    • Mirrors
    • Locking/window controls

And don’t forget other places that you or someone else has touched, such as the seat adjustment controls, grab handles and cup holders.

Just as with washing your hands, you’ll need to (gently) scrub for at least 20 seconds to break down the virus. Disinfectant wipes and other automotive cleaning solutions are your best option for surfaces. If those are not available, use warm, soapy water and dry with a microfiber cloth.

For your seats, leather or upholstery, you can use disinfectant wipes, upholstery cleaner, or a small amount of warm, soapy water. To avoid damage, make sure you aren’t using too much water or scrubbing too aggressively. After washing leather seats, apply a leather conditioner/restorer to keep them from cracking, and let dry. When using any alcohol-based disinfectants, make sure they contain at least 70 percent alcohol.

Finally, make sure to regularly shake out and vacuum your floorboards and mats. These are frequently touched, yet overlooked areas of vehicles that have the potential to carry harmful germs from the bottoms of shoes.

DO NOT USE  bleach, hydrogen peroxide, or any ammonia-based cleaning products in your vehicle.


Safely Riding with Passengers

It is always a good idea to keep safety and disinfectant items in your car, especially if you are transporting others. These include:

    • Sanitizer (at least 70% alcohol)
    • Disinfectant Wipes
    • PPE – gloves and face coverings like masks, bandanas, or scarves.

When you are riding with others or using a rideshare service, it may be impossible to maintain the CDC recommended social distance guidelines. So, when in a car with others, consider wearing your mask and roll down or crack a window. It’s important to let fresh air in because ventilation in cars is usually poor.

If you are riding with someone who is infected but asymptomatic, coronavirus particles can build up inside the cabin, increasing your chances of contracting the virus. Cracking a window will help disperse the particles and decrease your chances of infection.


How California Casualty is Keeping Vehicles Clean

Customer safety and satisfaction is our main priority. That is why California Casualty partners with Enterprise to handle the vehicle rental needs of our customers during the claims process.

All vehicles rented from Enterprise carry the Complete Clean Pledge – to follow best practices recommended by leading health authorities to ensure your safety. In addition to vacuuming and wipe-down cleaning, between every rental, Enterprise uses a disinfectant to sanitize key areas throughout the entire vehicle. View them here.

For more information on the Complete Clean Pledge and all that Enterprise is doing to help keep our customers safe, please visit their website at


This article is furnished by California Casualty, providing auto and home insurance to educators, law enforcement officers, firefighters, and nurses. Get a quote at 1.866.704.8614 or

We Protect AmeriCAN Heroes – Together We CAN

day with firefighte


Together We CAN.

During these trying times, it’s important to know that you are not alone. You have a community of people behind you, encouraging and fighting for you.

Nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals are leading the fight on the frontlines against COVID-19, stepping up heroically in the face of incredibly long hours, heartbreaking care cases, and increased personal risk. Peace officers, firefighters, paramedics, and other emergency personnel are on the frontlines risking their own lives to keep our communities safe and in working order during this public health crisis. While teachers, school administrators, and education support professionals have completely changed their teaching strategies to accommodate students so they can stay safe at home and finish out the rest of the school year virtually.

We have never been more thankful for our everyday heroes than we are right now.

The coronavirus pandemic has turned our daily lives upside down, but when we come together as a community- as neighbors, as family, as friends -we are unstoppable. We CAN get through this and we WILL. Together we CAN.


We’d like to extend an extra special thanks to the Firefighters, Police Officers, Teachers, and Nurses who took the time to participate in our Together We CAN video. It is a privilege to hear about your daily experiences throughout the pandemic, firsthand. We appreciate your courage and dedication to helping keep us safe now, more than ever. Thank you.


This video is brought to you by California Casualty, providing auto and home insurance to educators, law enforcement officers, firefighters, and nurses. Get a quote at 1.866.704.8614 or Be sure to check out our Heroes series at or visit California Casualty’s YouTube Channel.

The Heroes Video Series was filmed and produced by Wide Awake Films.
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At California Casualty, our mission is to provide trusted, personalized auto and home insurance protection.  exclusively for educators, law enforcement, nurses and firefighters—those who protect, strengthen and enhance the quality of life in American communities.

A Message from Joe Volponi, President and CEO of California Casualty

We are proud to insure workers on the front lines during the COVID-19 Pandemic. As a policy-holder owned company, California Casualty is committed to providing for your insurance needs, now and in the future- whatever that may bring.

If you have questions about your policy please visit our website at or contact a customer care representative at 1-800-800-9410.

Thank you for all that you do.

Employee Spotlight: Rachel Waddell

We have amazing employees at California Casualty. The Employee Spotlight is a new series aiming to highlight those talented individuals that make up our successful company culture and community. From human resource recruiters and learning and development trainers to claims adjusters, marketers, customer support specialists, partner relations, sales representatives, and beyond; each week, we’ll highlight a new team member, so you can get to know us better and see how our employees make us who we are as a company. 

This edition of the Employee Spotlight will feature our Learning Instructor, Rachel Waddell.

Rachel has been with us for 8 years now and is based in our Kansas City office.

Let’s get to learn Rachel!

Employee Spotlight


Where are you from?

Lane, KS (you’ll definitely have to Google it)


What made you want to be a Learning Instructor California Casualty?

After almost 10 years in claims, I had become a go-to person for newer employees. In a field of never-ending “if this, then that” scenarios, claims can be challenging when you’re just starting out. Even the first few years in claims can be a challenge for some. I enjoy helping others gain knowledge to do their jobs properly, so becoming an instructor was just an ideal fit. Now I am able to continue helping others gain the confidence to do their jobs correctly and efficiently inside the classroom and out.

I was also given the opportunity to take on sales training, and I’m excited to use my expertise there as well.


What is your favorite part about your job?

Well just to name a few, I have an awesome manager who encourages growth and values continued development. I also work with a wonderful group of individuals who strive for excellence every day.

There is a lot of variety in the job I do.  When I am not training a class I have several other projects that I give my time to. Keeping the learner in mind, we constantly look at ways to improve so we can provide the best learning experience for others.  I also enjoy doing one-on-ones with individuals who might be struggling in some areas. This helps for employee growth which I feel is very important.


What are your favorite activities to do outside of the office?

I enjoy spending time with my 7-year-old son, friends, and family. Also, going to family-friendly events and vacationing with some of my favorite people. I enjoy doing small home projects.  Although, that’s usually after DIY YouTube videos have convinced me I can do the work myself.


Anything else you would like the audience to know about you?

I love to dance and used to be a member of a semi-pro hip hop dance squad.

I once played in a softball tournament in Holland, representing the USA.

I grew up in a tiny town of 250 and loved it!


If you want to learn more about Rachel or are interested in a career at California Casualty, connect with her on LinkedIn! Or visit our careers page at



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