7.3 million families are living in poverty in the United States. For these families and individuals, the winter months are more expensive meaning they may not have the budget to buy winter coats for their children. 

‘Coats for Kids’ was established in 2013 by the Professional Fire Fighters of Utah (PFFU) to combat one of the most fundamental hardships of childhood poverty- the absence of a warm winter coat.

In Utah, and many other communities across the country, the lack of a winter coat often results in frequent school absenteeism which translates to forgone learning, missed opportunities for socialization and play, and the loss of balanced nutrition provided through the school’s meal program. Helping students stay warm as they walk to and from school helps prevent illness and leads to increased attendance, allowing children of families in need to experience the critical childhood benefits their school has to offer.

For more than a decade, PFFU has watched the problem of childhood poverty creep mercilessly into the homes of the communities it serves. Poverty ravages families without discrimination – and by necessity those struggling to survive naturally prioritize food, heat, and rent above winter clothing.



Each year California Casualty partners with the PFFU to deliver winter coats to children in need in their area through PFFU’s ‘Costs for Kids’ program. There is no denying the joy of a child being zipped into their brand-new coat by their hometown heroes. And to date, we’ve donated over 2,500 coats in fourteen different elementary schools to children in need.

California Casualty Field Marketing Manager, Michelle Hawkins attended this year’s event at Mountain View Elementary School in Salt Lake City. 


*Children’s faces have been blurred for privacy

“This was my first time attending Coats for Kids alongside members of PFFU.,” Said Michelle. “The care and cheer PFFU and Salt Lake City Fire Members brought to the students and staff of Mountain View was magical. This was a special group of people serving their community in a way that will impact those students’ lives forever.  

Students at Mountain View in a variety of grades received a total of 300 coats to help them stay warm and safe during the winter months ahead. 


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