No flights. No long travel days. No hefty price tag. More and more people are trading in their vacations for staycations- vacations at home or close to home.

For teachers, taking time to relax and recharge is important, and a staycation offers the same benefits as a traditional vacation with less stress and at less cost! Intrigued? Let’s get started planning your perfect staycation.


Choose your staycation style.

Whether you’re a foodie, a history buff, a hiker, or a spa-goer, you can find the activities that you enjoy close to home. You might even try something you’ve always wanted to do but never made time for, or opted out due to cost. Now is the time to consider it. When you plan your itinerary locally, you can feel good that you’re supporting local businesses. Following are some thought starters to help you plan.

Pro Tip: Ask about local discounts or during-the-week specials. Many hotels and attractions offer them.


Be a local tourist.

Discover the beauty of your city and region. Book all of the tours and experiences you might enjoy if you were traveling here as a tourist. From museums and cultural experiences to nightlife and entertainment, your local area likely offers plenty of options. You’ll have the added advantage of being a local, and knowing all the good spots to eat.


Indulge in a gourmet adventure.

On a traditional vacation, you’d be eating out. Plan to eat out as much as your budget allows—or else create your own special meals at home. Picnic in the park. Book an afternoon tea. Try that new gourmet place or find a food truck festival. The options are endless and delicious!


Hit the beach or pool.

If you’re lucky enough to live near a beach, that’s a natural destination. But if not, consider a staycation at a local hotel or lodging with a pool (or even a jacuzzi tub!). Bring your swimsuit, grab a favorite beach read and soak up those rays.


Relax at the spa.

There’s nothing like a spa day to relax and unwind. Go ahead and get that facial and massage. Spend some time in the hot tub or sauna. Many spas let you spend the day if you book a service, and some offer food and other amenities.


Take a hike.

Put on your hiking shoes. If you’re a nature lover, you’ll enjoy exploring your local trails and other outdoor adventures. Spending time in nature is great for your mental health, and the exercise is great for your physical health. Not to mention that the scenery is definitely photo-worthy!


Take a course.

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to make pottery or you love to get your hands dirty in the garden, chances are that there’s a course you can take to explore this interest. Find out what’s offered in your local region. Check your local community college and township recreation schedule. Airbnb also has many local experiences that you could book for an hour or more.


Do a DIY room makeover.

While not strictly a staycation, you can carve out time during break to redecorate a room or spot in your home. Do-it-yourself makeovers can be plenty of fun. Just keep them manageable, and plan some time away from the work to create a relaxing staycation feel.


Try virtual tourism.

You may not be able to travel the world but you can bring the world to you with some virtual tourism activities. Expedia offers some online tours and activities from cooking classes to video chats with locals, and museum tours.

For other ideas, check out our blog on ideas for your spring break staycation.


Avoid self-sabotage.

The point of a staycation is to get away. That’s a little harder to do when you are home and tempted by housework or work. (That’s especially true since our homes have doubled as workspaces over the past several years.) Here are some tips to help you fully disconnect.

    • Set boundaries. If school is in session, plan work coverage. Make sure everyone who is part of your staycation plans coverage, too.
    • Hire a dog walker. If you have fur babies at home but you’ll be out and about, make arrangements for their care.
    • Unplug. Turn off your phone notifications and email. Make sure that work and family obligations do not interrupt your time off. (However, give family a way to reach you in the event of an emergency.)
    • Plan each day fully so there’s no downtime to worry about day-to-day responsibilities. Note the time, upon your return, when you will address these.

Remember that you don’t have to stay home during a staycation. Consider one or two nights at a local hotel or other lodging. And be sure to ask for local discounts!

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