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The stress and exhaustion of teaching can take a toll, even if you don’t realize it. Your mind is constantly running back and forth between teaching, meetings, emails, parents, and life at home. So when the weight of anxiety and stress get heavy, here are some easy self-care tips for teachers on those hard mental health days.

For an easy school pick-me-up:
• Tea
• Chocolate
• Floss
• Healthy snacks
• Thank you notes
• Stress ball

For small breaks or prep times:
• Stretches to get your blood moving
• Small walk to get some fresh air
• Take a moment and focus on slowing your breathing

When you get home:
• Bake cookies
• Sing
• Draw
• Knit
• Play air guitar
• Go for a walk
• Yoga

As a teacher, you love what you do and want to make sure everyone is taken care of, but don’t forget about yourself. Find a support system in other teachers to talk about their ideas, get exercise, and drink plenty of water. Share with us your tips you use for self-care.

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