Have you spent years dreaming about a home makeover? Or find yourself sitting on social media watching others DIY thinking ‘why can’t I do that?’ You CAN! Believe it or not, you don’t have to be a design expert to create a cozy corner, a relaxing vibe, or a stylish space in your home. Here are some quick and easy DIY room makeovers for your home that you can do this spring to give your space a nice little refreshing update- on a budget.


bedroom diy


– Choose a color scheme. Pick two main colors and use them to choose varying textures and patterns which will add visual interest. This will help tie together the look of your room, whether it’s a bedroom or other room in your home. Best colors for bedrooms are cool, relaxing tones. Think shades of blue and muted greens.

– Showcase your headboard. The bed is the focal point in your room. Give it a little drama with the right headboard. For an easy fix, use a curtain behind your bed as the headboard. Make your own fabric headboard with material that matches your color scheme.

– Remember the fifth wall. Who said ceilings need to be white? In bedrooms, we spend our share of the time staring at the ceiling. Paint the ceiling a color, and see how it transforms the space.

– Hang drapes from floor to ceiling. Go a few inches above your window to add height, and have the drapes go down to the floor for an elegant feel.

– Get fancy with hardware: Chances are that your nightstands and dressers have traditional knobs. Change them out for tassel hardware or other fancy options.


diy living room

Living Room

– Create a gallery wall. Choose the photos that represent wonderful moments in your life, and images of the people who are most important to you. For a cohesive look, choose the same color frames. Make it a statement wall by painting it a color that’s different from the other three walls.

– Include a hobby piece. Do you love to travel? Perhaps you play guitar. See if you can incorporate some of your favorite past times in the décor. A surfboard shelf, framed albums, a world map, or a guitar hung on your wall not only is a decoration, but a reminder of your happy place.

– Wallpaper a wall. Removable wallpaper lets us change our style without the long-term commitment. Choose a vibrant pattern in your color scheme for one focus wall. The wallpaper becomes the art and sets the tone for the space.

– Add wainscoting to your wall. This decorative trim transforms a room with its elegant accent pieces. You can even use the trim as a guide and paint the wall different colors above and below.

– Conceal the clutter. Use baskets or decorative boxes to store magazines, electronics, and loose items that you use regularly. Place them on a bookshelf to keep them out of the way.

– Add an area rug. It doesn’t matter if you have a carpet already in your living room. You can still add an area rug on top. Choose a pattern in your color scheme and it becomes artwork for your floor.


kitchen diy


– Add a backsplash. It creates a beautiful focal point behind the stove and in other places above the counters. There are so many options available, from glass mosaics to tile to peel-and-stick. You can find online tutorials on how to install a backsplash from the major retailers and home improvement sites.

– Upscale your knobs and handles. Give your drawers and your cabinets a fresh look by changing out the knobs and handles. It’s a lot easier than painting cabinets, though you can do that, too.

Install a pot rack on your wall. It’s an easy way to display your cookware while freeing space in your cabinets for other utensils.

– Add under cabinet lighting. You don’t need to be an electrician to install this type of lighting, which is self-adhesive and comes in strips that can be trimmed to fit your space. It plugs into a standard outlet and some models come with dimmer switches.


bathroom diy


– Upgrade that mirror. You don’t have to spend a fortune to switch out your plain bathroom mirror for one that will be a focal piece. You can add your own frame. You can also reimagine the space with a find from the local thrift shop. Don’t hesitate to add paint for that special look.

Paint your bathroom vanity. A little paint can transform an old vanity into a beautiful piece. Switch out the knobs and drawer hardware for an even newer look.

– Change out your towel rack. You can find many towel racks at your local home improvement store. If you have the time, consider making your own to highlight your own personal style.


Not sure where to start?

– Create a mood board. Collect images of items that you like. You can do this on Pinterest or on a PowerPoint or Word document. You can even do it old school and paste the pictures on a board.

– Find your color scheme in a favorite piece of art. See if those colors will work for your room, and of course, make sure that the art piece is part of the décor.

– Move furniture around. Take out a piece of furniture. See what works and what doesn’t for your space.

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Happy decorating! 🙂


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