We know you love your students but right about now you and the rest of our teachers deserve a break from the stress and the daily grind. And that circled-in-red spring break on your calendar is getting deliciously close (or here)!

We invite you to make this break truly count — What are the things you keep wanting to get done but haven’t had time for? Or maybe you’re feeling the need to toss the to-do list, focusing instead on really relaxing and replenishing yourself before you start the next term. Whatever you decide on, make sure it’s not work-related! (and is socially-distanced and safe, of course).

You may have some plans or activities in mind, but if not, check out our tips below and see if they spark some ideas!

1. Move it, move it! Getting your body moving is a surefire way to work out the stress, get to that state of “good tired” and return to a healthy balance. And what a great way to enjoy the spring weather. Whether it’s hiking, biking, running, rock climbing, or walking, you can’t go wrong – pick one or more and get moving.

2. Read for pleasure. If you suffer from Tsundoku, now’s the time — crack open those books that have been staring at you from the shelf or nightstand. Dedicate some time at night, in the morning or on lazy afternoons and give yourself the gift of getting lost in a great book (pssst, no work reading!).

3. Catch up on your binge-watching. Perhaps instead of books, you have movies or shows you haven’t had time for. Go ahead and indulge, sans guilt.

4. Retail therapy. It doesn’t need to be extravagant but treating yourself to a shopping spree can be a lovely re-energizing pick-me-up. If nothing else, it’s fun to window shop. Anything you’ve been needing or had your eye on?

5. Quality time with your family. Balancing family life and work life is always tough – but has been extra challenging for the last year. If you’ve been missing time with your family or kids, take this opportunity to do some fun, leisurely things you usually don’t have time for. Movie nights, crafts, making forts, date nights, sports, time outdoors – the list is endless.

6. Start a new habit. We all know habits take time and repetition to stick. If there’s a habit you’ve been wanting to start (Meditation? Getting to bed earlier? Giving yourself a digital detox?) spring break is a perfect time to do it.

7. Do a day-trip adventure. Perhaps the prospect of a full day of solo time sets your heart aflutter. Maybe there’s a little town nearby that’s perfect for aimless wandering, or you’re close to a beach where you can walk the shore and watch the sunset. Check your map for destinations that are one to two hours away – you’ll probably be surprised at all the choices!

8. Hit the mat. Is there a yoga place (outdoors!) you’ve been wanting to try? Now’s the time to do it. There really is nothing like getting some yoga time in to de-stress, limber up, build strength, and center yourself.

9. Grab a guilt-free coffee – and stay as long as you want. If you’re a café aficionado, spring break is a great time to frequent your favorite outdoor coffee spot – in fact, make it a daily ritual if you like! Enjoy some unstructured time to commune with your favorite hot (or iced) beverage, and maybe a good book … or journal, or sketchbook, etc.

10. Picnic in the park. Spring sunshine was made for leisurely picnics in the park. Gather up some goodies from home (or nearby take-out places), throw them in a basket, and go! Don’t forget a blanket, hat, and sunscreen – and family if they want to join 😉

11. Try new dishes. After too many quick and easy lunches at your desk, take this opportunity to rediscover the joy of food. This might mean trying take-out from new-to-you restaurants – which is a win-win and supports local businesses. Or, if you enjoy cooking, look into tackling some new and exciting recipes at home.

Keen readers will notice that none of these ideas has anything to do with work, ha! Make sure your spring break is all about you – there will be plenty of time for work when it starts up again. Want more relaxation tips? – check ‘em out here. And remember, if your spring break plans include leaving town or venturing out in public, bring extra masks and sanitizer just to be extra safe.

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