Nearly 60% of Americans are underinsured or don’t understand what is covered by their policies. 

Make sure you are properly covered going into the new year with these 6 New Year’s insurance resolutions


1. Make sure you have the correct amount of auto coverage

Have your driving habits changed in the past year? Maybe you accepted a new job and your commute is longer or smaller, or you added a new driver to your policy. These life changes will all affect your insurance coverage and premium costs. 

Making sure you have the right amount of auto coverage is crucial in case of an accident, so you don’t have to end up paying the majority of your costs out of pocket. For example, make sure you have enough liability coverage on your current policy. If you cause an accident, you are responsible for damages (and if it is a serious accident loss of wages of the victim/their family). Liability coverage is used to pay for those damages that you caused. 

Your insurance will only pay for the amount that you’ve designated for liability. The rest comes from your pocket, so don’t skimp on this important coverage. 


2. See if you qualify for any additional discounts

Did you know that if you have a teen driver they can take a driver’s safety or education course to qualify for discounts on your auto insurance? You can also turn in their report card for a ‘good student discount’. 

You may qualify for insurance discounts for being part of a professional association, such as groups for teachers, nurses, or first responders. There are also discounts for being retired, for drivers turning 25, for paying via automatic bank payments, and for paying in full upfront. You may qualify for a new home discount, or a discount if you have updated your utilities (electrical, plumbing, heating, cooling) in an older home, or added a security system. There are also discounts for a new roof and an automatic sprinkler system. You can even be rewarded for being a loyal customer! 


3. Create a home inventory checklist

A home inventory is a list of all of your possessions and their values. While creating one may sound like a waste of time, it’s important to have an updated list of all of your possessions so that you can get fully compensated if there was a disaster like a fire or a tornado, or a burglary. Without a home inventory, you may have difficulty pinpointing all of your belongings and lose out on their value and it can even delay the claims process. Start fresh with all of your new belongings after the holidays and put the checklist in a safe space, in the event of an unexpected loss, you’ll be glad you did. 


4. Do you need additional coverage?

Did you know your home and/or renter’s insurance doesn’t include flood coverage? If you live in a flood-prone area you need to have Flood Insurance. The same goes for Earthquakes and Earthquake Insurance.

Do you have a pet that you love like a child of your own? While they will be covered if you are both in an accident in a covered vehicle thanks to Pet Injury Protection from California Casualty, make sure you will get reimbursed for any emergency surgeries, x-rays, labs, prescriptions, and more by adding Pet Insurance. 

Need some extra coverage in case of an accident or disaster to ensure your family and belongings are safe? Ask your insurance agent if Umbrella Insurance or Scheduled Personal Property Coverage is right for you.

Umbrella Insurance is an extra layer of coverage that protects you and your family by covering additional damage costs that extend beyond the limits of your homeowner’s, auto, or watercraft policies. This additional coverage ensures your personal assets are safe. The primary purpose of this coverage is to protect you if you’re found liable for causing bodily injury to others or damage to their property. It also protects against incidents involving slander, libel, false arrest, and invasion of privacy, as well as any legal defense costs – even if you’re not found liable.

Personal Property Coverage, also referred to as “contents coverage,” is the term insurance companies use to collectively define the things you own inside your home. Scheduled Personal Property Coverage, or rider, is additional coverage for more special and/or expensive items such as jewelry, watches, heirlooms, furs, collectibles, etc. that have values above your personal property coverage limits. Both coverages are invaluable to make sure your personal belongings are covered in the event of a disaster or burglary. 


5. Know what benefits are available to you

At California Casualty we offer our insured exclusive benefits like:

        • Affiliate Group Rates & Generous Discounts
        • FREE ID Defense Resolution
        • Summer or Holiday Skip Payment Options 
        • Waived / Reduced Deductible for Collision or Vandalism While Parked on School Property – for Educators
        •  Personal Firearm Coverage & Fallen Hero Benefits – for First Responders
        • No Charge Personal Property Coverage Up to $500
        • 24 x 7 Towing & Roadside Assistance
        • $1,000 Free Pet Injury Protection Coverage

And more! Speak to your insurance agent and ask which benefits are available immediately to you.


6. Schedule your annual free policy review

When’s the last time you took a look at your Insurance policy? Chances are if you haven’t had an accident or a loss, it’s probably been a while. And knowing more about your insurance could even save you money on your premiums. That’s why it is recommended to speak to your insurance agent at least once a year for your annual policy review. They will answer all of your questions and make sure you have the correct amount of coverage.

We know understanding your insurance coverage can be confusing, but we’ve got you covered! There is no better time to start getting the most out of your insurance protection than the new year. Call your California Casualty agent today to make sure you are taking advantage of your coverage and benefits all year long. 


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