Odds are you know someone who is getting married this summer. Now through September is when the majority of weddings take place each year in the U.S. While it’s a time of joy and dreams of the future, there are many important decisions: how many people to invite, is there a need for a wedding planner, who will cater the meal and what about entertainment. Once the rings are exchanged and the honeymoon is over, there’s another important step – getting your auto and home insurance in order. Here’s a checklist for newlyweds.

  1. Combine Your Insurance

If you both have separate cars with different insurance companies, now that you are married you can find discounts by putting both vehicles on the same policy. It will also ensure that both drivers are covered no matter which car they use. Get extra savings by bundling your autos with your home or renters insurance.

  1. Marriage Discount

Make sure to inform your insurance company that you got married – most auto and home insurance companies offer important discounts for newlyweds. Men under the age of 25 are usually considered high risk drivers. However, once they marry they often see a big drop in insurance premiums. The lower rates can also apply to those in domestic partnerships.

  1. Increase Homeowner or Renters Coverage

Wedding presents are wonderful. You now have a new set of china, expensive new appliances and other things for your home. These assets need to be covered. Talk to an insurance advisor to make sure you have enough coverage to protect all the things you own and to increase your liability protection. It’s also a great time to create an inventory of all the things you own to help you purchase the right insurance protection and make filing a claim much easier.

  1. Get Extra Protection for High Value Items

That beautiful new wedding ring and special gifts like fine art or silverware may need scheduled personal property protection, often called a “floater,” to make sure they are covered for their full value. Most homeowners and renters policies will provide limited coverage for those items. Scheduled personal property coverage will also pay to replace a ring, without a deductible, even if it was misplaced or damaged in the disposal.

Just like marriage, California Casualty is a committed partner in helping with your auto and home insurance needs. Don’t go it alone, contact a California Casualty advisor today for a free quote or no hassle policy review at 1.800.800.9410 or visit

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