Like everyone else across the country,  the violent deaths of 12 innocent people in an Aurora, Colorado movie theatre left me heartbroken.

My mind flooded with questions and my heart ached for every victim, every family member, every friend and every member of the Aurora community that was touched by this devastating tragedy.

I was inspired and heartbroken as, one by one, each victim’s story came out. The six-year-old who was out seeing a movie with her babysitter. The two young men who gave their lives to save their girlfriends. The heroic members of the Armed Services who died in that theatre.

The list goes on.

And now, a week out, the question remains: How do we go on? How do we heal?

This question is particularly true of a few certain groups of Heroes. Heroes whose role in responding to tragedies like Aurora story is often overlooked.

The police officers who responded to the horrific scene that night. Who had to put their personal feelings aside to professionally process the scene and eliminate any existing threats- including the booby trapped apartment of the suspect. More Here.

The paramedics who treated and transported victims. Who held it together despite seeing the carnage up close, triaged the 58 innocent people with injuries, and comforted them on their way to hospitals. More here.

The nurses and medical staff who continue to heal survivors. Who tirelessly support their patients down a long and tough road to recovery, answer the tough questions, and experience firsthand the pain, sorrow, and confusion of the victims and their families. More here.

I can’t imagine what it must have been like responding to that scene. The horror of the loss. The pain of injured. The questions of the survivors. So I looked to some of my favorite Police Officer, EMT and Nurse bloggers. I asked them what advice or words of support they could offer to their professional colleagues in this time of processing and healing.

In three posts below, I have posted some fantastic responses, thoughts, and resources from Police Blogger John Marx of Cops AliveEMT Blogger Captain Morse of Rescuing Providence, and Nurse Blogger Keith Carlson of Digital Doorway

California Casualty

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