Cleveland area firefighter wins $500

At CalCas – we truly enjoy putting together programs that allow us to offer help to firefighters, educators, nurses, and peace officers. One such program was the “Help your Fire Station” contest we ran earlier this year.

In January, Mike Stopa, a firefighter and EMT (and also the VP of the Medina Township Firefighters Association) won $500 that his station will use to replenish their fire prevention materials.

For more information, you can read the newspaper article here. To keep up to date with upcoming contests, be sure to join us on Facebook or Twitter.

Fire Department App by San Ramon Valley F.D.

At California Casualty, we’re proud of the fact that we provide amazing service to groups that contribute so much to our community. Firefighters are one of those groups, and the Firefighter App from the San Ramon Valley Fire Department is an example of the great things these guys do on a daily basis.

This app, which is currently available for iPhone (Workday is helping develop the app for other platforms), alerts users when an emergency is happening in their area. This means that those trained in CPR and/or the use of AED’s in the area can respond – saving minutes that could result in saving a life.

You can see the screen shot of the app below, and I encourage you to visit their site, learn more, and look for it coming to your area soon!

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