If you’re like most boat owners, you probably only use your boat a few months out of the year. And after all those summer trips are done, and your boat’s cleaned up and ready for storage, you might be tempted to cancel the insurance.

After all, if your boat won’t even be on the water, why would you need coverage?

Turns out, there are some compelling reasons to keep your insurance throughout the year, not the least of which is that it can actually save you money in the long run. Here are 4 top reasons.

1. Accidents Don’t Have an Offseason

More than half of the claims are filed for accidents that occur between September and January. The majority of those are for theft, vandalism, fire, and flooding. Boats are typically unattended during this time, which increases accident risk. When you carry boat insurance, these claims are covered by comprehensive coverage, costing far less than out-of-pocket payments would for repair and replacement in the event of an insurance lapse.


2. It May Be Required

If your boat is financed by a lender, you may be obligated to carry insurance year-round. Even if you own your boat outright, some marinas may require boats on the premises to be insured.


3. Don’t Count on Your Homeowner’s Policy

Many boat owners assume that damage to their boat is covered under their homeowner’s policy. Most times this isn’t the case, as the boat would probably only be protected if damage occurred while on the covered property. And even then, a homeowner’s policy might not fully cover the damage and/or leave the owner with coverage gaps (for example, many homeowners policies have length and horsepower limits that apply to boats). Boat insurance policies are crafted to meet specific needs and protect against risks inherent to boating.


4. It Makes Financial Sense

Depending on your insurer, signing up for a full 12-month policy can make you eligible for discounts or loyalty benefits, saving you money over the long term. Also keep in mind that many insurers already adjust the off-season monthly premiums to be lower than the on-season ones, so an annual policy, in the end, does offer better protection dollar for dollar than one for just several months. And don’t forget that as your boat ages you may find it more difficult to secure insurance if you cancel your policy. Finally, if you insure your boat with the same company as your car or homeowner’s insurance, you can most likely get a multiple policy discount.

Just as with homeowners and car insurance, a policy protecting your boat against damage and liability not only provides peace of mind but is a wise financial decision. And given the risks specific to boats, choosing a year-round policy is even smarter.



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