What can we expect in the New Year? There will be a new president of the United States, many are predicting another see-saw year for the stock market and Forbes predicts the Olympic Games in Brazil will turn out to be the most poorly run in history.

What can you expect when it comes to insurance? Here are the thoughts of one prognosticator:

  1. Millennials will have a bigger impact – now in their mid-30s, this has become the generation replacing the aging baby boomers with influence and dollars. Insurance companies will have to continue to adapt to serving them online and offer more services accessible from mobile devices.
  2. Bigger rewards for consumers who adapt to the Internet of Things (Io T) – whether it be devices that monitor how you drive or emerging technologies for the home, insurance companies will continue to use data from intelligent devices to predict losses and reward those who install them. They include water or leak detection systems, interactive door locks, and appliances that can communicate and be controlled via a smart phone or other mobile device.
  3. Renters insurance will spike – with the increasing trend of more millennials opting to rent than buy homes, the renters insurance market will continue to boom.
  4. More peer-to-peer insurance – there will be more specialized insurance dedicated to targeted groups of policyholders. The concept is a return to the earliest forms of insurance that pooled together like-minded groups like farmers. Peer-to-peer insurance provides quality protection at reasonable rates.

As we face a New Year with excitement and uncertainty, it’s good to know there is a company you can depend on for your auto and home insurance needs. California Casualty is a 100 year old company founded as, and continues to be, a policyholder owned company that serves specialty groups: law enforcement, firefighters, educators and nurses with exclusive benefits not available to the general public. They have partnered with us because of our competitive rates and insurance that reflects their members’ professional lifestyles. This means:

  • Deductibles waived or reduced for vandalism or accidents that occur where your vehicle is parked at work
  • Personal property damaged or lost in a collision, fire or taken from your car is covered up to $500
  • Rates guaranteed for a full year (not six months)
  • Free identity theft protection with each policy
  • Multiple payment options including EZ Pay and holiday or summer skips

Are you using all of your professional benefits? Now is the time for a policy review to see if you could be saving money or getting better coverage for your auto or home. Call one of our award winning advisors today at 1.800.800.9410 or visit www.calcas.com.

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