From pulling weeds to cleaning floors, it seems that work around the house never ends, but it’s a lot easier to tackle before winter storms and cold weather move in. As we enjoy the last few months of summer, now is a good time to do maintenance that will prevent damage, prepare your home for winter, and add lasting value.

These mid-summer home maintenance tips are courtesy of MSN Real Estate:

  • Do an energy audit and start fixing insulation and cracks
  • Insulate hot water pipes
  • Clean patio furniture
  • Scrub your concrete
  • Patch concrete and asphalt cracks
  • Prune or remove problem trees and shrubs
  • Clean exhaust fans
  • Fix the fence
  • Make your landscaping “critter proof”(deer, rabbits and other animals can cause thousands of dollars of damage to your plants and trees)

Doing regular maintenance can not only protect your home, but it can enhance the value of your largest investment. Most realtors and home repair experts say simple projects can add thousands of dollars to your home’s worth. is a great resource with tips that give the best payback:

  • Clean and reduce the clutter around your home
  • Spruce up your yard
  • Repaint the interior and exterior
  • Upgrade your lighting and light switches
  • Add wood trim

Don’t forget another vital piece to preserving your home and all the things that come with it; insurance. Now is the time to get a home insurance update and policy comparison to make sure your precious items are fully covered at the best value. Have you made improvements that could land you big discounts? Don’t forget that bundling your auto and home can offer big savings. Call a California Casualty advisor today for a no hassle policy review at 1.800.800.9410.

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