Keeping guns and ammunition secure can be a full-time job for any law enforcement professional, but proper storage options make this task easier. This article, the last in a three-part series, looks at six ways to secure the weapons in your station. You can read part 1 and part 2 to take a closer look at other necessary storage options for the modern law enforcement facility.


1. Properly Mounted Temporary Storage

Do your officers need a gun in the interrogation room or in common areas? No — and when situations are heated, having a gun out in the open can increase the chance of a problem. Installing temporary storage options, such as secure gun lockers, in these areas will help prevent unwanted discharges and the problems that they bring. These lockers keep guns secure (by requiring entry with a key) yet still accessible if the guns will be needed shortly.


2. Secure Weapons Rooms

Secure weapons rooms are the ultimate storage option for the modern law enforcement facility. With storage lockers or racks, this room gives the facility a one-stop place to store and retrieve weapons. A variety of organizational options keep firearms and ammunition accounted for, while a locked door ensures that they are only delivered to authorized personnel.


3. Shelving with Electronic Security

Weapon shelving is an excellent choice for storing guns in an accessible manner. But the modern law enforcement facility must be certain that items are stored securely, so only authorized personnel can access them. If the facility doesn’t have the space for a designated weapons room, electronic security that tethers the firearms to the shelf until accessed by the proper personnel is a good solution.


4. RFID Tracking Systems

In addition to providing security, RFID tracking systems built into storage systems can help facilities know who has checked out a particular weapon, making it easier to locate missing items and pinpoint who used a certain firearm in case of an investigation.


5. Universal Weapon Racks

These racks fill a need for secure weapons storage in facilities where a full weapons room is not needed. Universal weapon racks have locking doors that keep them secure when not in use. The racks can be adjusted to fit a variety of handguns, and can tilt up to 90 degrees in any direction without losing their hold on the guns or causing damage to equipment. This type of rack can be used in your facility, your transport vehicles or anywhere else that secure storage is needed.


6. Mobile Storage Solutions

Officers often need to bring their weapons into the field. Mobile storage solutions provide a secure way to do this. For single handguns, portable gun boxes are the best choice. Padded and locked, these boxes protect the firearm and store it safely.


When multiple firearms are needed in the field, mini universal weapons racks can help. Like their larger counterparts, these smaller versions keep firearms protected during transport, and can carry a larger number of firearms than gun boxes, which hold only one.


Whether you choose one or all of these options for your facility, ensure that your weapons are secure and accessible with proper storage.


Author Bio:

 Denny Hammack is the President of Patterson Pope, a primary provider of storage opitions for businesses in the public safety industry. Hammack has over 25 years of experience in the storage and records management industry and has lead Patterson Pope to become one of the leading public safety storage solution providers in the industry.

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