The modern law enforcement station needs to be adequately prepared to deal with weapon security issues. Guns used by the station need to be properly stored to ensure that unauthorized individuals do not have access, yet they also need to be readily accessible when officers need them in a crisis situation. These four weapon storage solutions will help meet both of these needs. This article is part 1 of a three-part series highlighting storage options that the modern law enforcement agency needs to understand. You can read parts 2 and 3 here.

Gun Lockers

Law enforcement professionals often face situations where a trip to the weapons room to safely check in and store their gun in its required location is not possible. In instances like these, gun lockers can provide a well-organized temporary storage place to keep weapons safe. Having gun lockers mounted in interview rooms, common areas and other parts of the facility will allow handgun security to be accessed quickly and stored easily. With dedicated and master keys for each opening, gun lockers ensure that only those allowed are able to access the firearms. The availability of both floor- and wall-mounted gun lockers makes this a practical option for facilities of all shapes and sizes.


Gun Racks

Gun racks are an essential part of most stations. Weapon racks keep gun and ammo stored where it is readily accessible, yet secure when not in use. These units either lock tightly when the guns are not in use or use electronic locks connected to the RFID tracking system to keep guns securely in place to keep unauthorized personnel from having access to the weapons. They also allow for tracking of each piece, so your facility will always know who has which firearm.


For facilities that have many types of firearms, universal weapon racks are an ideal fit. These can be adjusted to accommodate firearms of varying sizes. They are also designed to allow weapons to be stored in ready-to-use condition, often with optics and accessories stored directly on the weapon.


Portable Weapon Storage Racks

What happens when a large number of weapons need to head to the field, such as in a tactical operation or a hostage situation? Does security take a back seat to the urgency of the problem? The answer should be “no.”


Portable weapons storage options are essential to a station that often needs to transport weapons to the field. With mobile storage units similar to the universal weapons rack, facilities can have a collection of weapons that they can take with them in the field while still maintaining the security that is required of a responsible station. These units are small, easy to maneuver and take up little space in the transport vehicle, but are carefully designed to hold a large number of firearms and ammunition.


Portable Gun Boxes

Many police departments require their officers to keep unused guns safely stored, even in transport. When just one handgun needs to head into the field and the officer does not need to wear it, a portable gun box is the ideal solution.


Locked and secure, these boxes make the handgun easy to transport without sacrificing the security of the situation. Designed to be lightweight and easy to carry, these boxes come in sizes to fit almost any handgun. Interior cushioning prevents jostling when the box is being moved so it is ready to use without damage when the gun and officer arrive at the location.


Author Bio: Denny Hammack is the President of Patterson Pope, a leading provider of storage solutions for the public safety industry since 1972.  

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