California Casualty Executives, Management, and Employees came together for the annual Year-End Meeting earlier this month. As is tradition, department leaders presented their strategies, actions and future plans to continue to build the company that has stood the test of time for over 100 years. With Customer Experience and Financial Stability our collective beacon for success, the two-day meeting was filled with insight, discussion, and collaborative solutions.


Sales Vice President, Lisa P. shared the ups and downs of the Sales team throughout 2021 – from new technology advancements to staffing challenges. She went into detail all of the tools utilized to increase connectivity with prospects requesting a quote, provide an extensive review of policy coverages and options for a personalized solution, and deliver a customer experience that surpassed expectations. Lisa also educated the group of the various employee engagement and hiring tactics they are using to counter the Great Resignation happening around the country.


Direct Mail Director, Richard S. provided an insider’s view to the strategies and tactics he utilizes for the various group mailings sent throughout the year. His presentation highlighted the effectiveness of testing various product/service messages, call to actions, and distribution allocation. The takeaway:  groups that supported communications to their members, and allowed for a little creativity saw better adoption of the California Casualty auto and home member benefit in 2021.


Digital Marketing Director, Steve T., alongside Social and Digital Marketing Manager, Demian T., combined their presentation to deliver the year in review for Internet Marketing.  The duo shared all of the various ways California Casualty utilizes digital and social media to reach, engage and listen to our prospects and customers. Thanks to smart planning, sound strategy, and the efficiency that comes with online programs, they were able to make a big impact with a small team.


Marketing Solutions, led by Marketing Communications Manager, Robin F., illustrated the various ways they extend the CalCas brand to our prospects and customers outside of the Direct mail and Digital realm. From group publication print ads to the policyholder e-newsletter, Connection, Robin explained the efforts of engaging with prospects beyond their policy paperwork. She also showcased the various communication pieces developed for Partner Relations to use for their engagement efforts.


Agency Services, presented by Bianca O., AVP, and Agency Services Manager & Sr. Customer Service Team Manager, explained to the group how our ability to offer members additional insurance options through a subset of insurance partners gives members the coverage solutions they need with one-stop shopping. In 2021, Agency Services saw an increase in boat, motorcycle, classic car, pet insurance, and umbrella policies.


Partner Relations was represented by Debbie H., VP Field Relations, Roxanne D., VP Account Relations, and Lisa A., AVP and Account Manager.  The ladies’ presentation captured Group Leaders’ sentiment of the value California Casualty brings as a member benefit partner. They reflected on the transition their teams experienced during COVID – on-site to virtual to hybrid – noting the challenges, learnings, and solutions implemented to keep relationships strong at the national, state, regional, and local levels.


Customer Service with Daphne P., VP Customer Service, Cheryl C., Customer Service Manager, and Becky P., AVP and Service Manager, presenting – illustrated the efforts their team is implementing to continually measure, monitor, and improve service levels. They explained the many tactics they are trying now and into the future to keep representatives motivated, trained, and available to assist our American Heroes no matter how complicated or stressful the conversations may get.


Underwriting, through a presentation by Hillary B., UW Analyst and Team Manager, and Danielle S., UW Operations Manager, shared the accreditations and promotions earned within the department over the past year, illustrating that continuing education and refined skill sets are imperative to the success of an underwriting department. Hillary and Danielle also highlighted the efficiencies gained within their department, improving the time it takes to issue a policy once it has been written by Sales.


Actuary walked the group through the nuts and bolts of auto insurance pricing. Wen L., Auto Pricing Manager, was able to address questions regarding the how and why for California Casualty-specific group rates and customizations required to rate properly for associated risks while offering our partners and their members the member rates they expect.


The meeting ended with closing remarks from CMO, Mike M. and Interim CEO, Bob N. reiterating the progress made, the improvements needed and the anticipation for future endeavors planned.


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