Looking for projects to do this summer to enhance your home? Try these 6 fun, easy and creative ways to spruce up your living space. We’ve even added some helpful tips so that you can get the most out of each DIY (do-it-yourself) project. Happy decorating!



entryway space


Project 1: Add Storage to Your Entryway

Get ready to transform your entryway into the perfect spot for storage. Not only will this give you a place to put your keys (and find them later), but it will offer a beautiful focal point for guests as they enter and exit your home. Choose a small table or bench that fits in the space. Look for one with a second shelf or drawer for additional storage. Decide on the perfect spot, out of the way of the front door and the closet door. Once it’s placed where you’d like it, hang a wall-mounted shelf or hooks above the table for easy storage of keys and other items.

Project Tips:

    • Look on Facebook marketplace for cheap benches, tables, or cabinets that you can refinish.
    • Make sure you leave enough room to still walk through your entryway.
    • Don’t forget the décor! Add pillows and lamps for a fun pop of color.
    • Use baskets to group items, such as stacks of incoming mail, in a decorative way.
    • Store items here that you need as you enter or exit your home, such as keys or sunglasses, for added convenience.



chalkboard calendar


Project 2: Paint a chalkboard wall calendar.

Let’s face it. It’s fun to write on your walls, and with a chalkboard wall calendar, you can do exactly that! This type of calendar is so much fun that it encourages everyone to stay organized. Plus, it’s easy to create. All you need is some chalkboard paint, painter’s tape, and measuring tools. Sketch out your plan on a piece of paper. You can plan one large rectangle or a series of rectangles that come together as a whole: monthly or calendar, daily reminder lists, etc. Once the design is set, it’s time to measure and paint, and voila—you’ll have a masterpiece before you know it.

Project Tips:

    • Start in the middle and work outward when you paint. Use a roller for large areas and a brush for small areas. Make sure to use two coats of paint.
    • It takes three days for the paint to fully dry. You may be tempted to test it out, but don’t. You’ll be happy you waited.
    • Personalize your calendar by adding your family’s name at the top. You can use beautiful stencils to create the perfect lettering.
    • Add “to do” lists for each family member at the bottom of the wall calendar, within easy reach.
    • Color code your activities by person with different color chalk.
    • Your chalkboard wall doesn’t have to be black. Chalkboard paint comes in many colors!



photo ledge

Project 3: Create a picture ledge.

Who said you had to hang your pictures on the wall? A picture ledge is a great alternative. Picture ledges are a cross between bookshelves and fireplace mantles. They’re decorative and they give the room a little extra depth and interest. Picture ledges are great ways to display family photos and smaller artwork pieces. Choose a wall for your picture ledge, such as your living room or den. Then follow these steps to make your own picture ledge. It’s not hard to make your own but you also can buy premade picture ledges or use a fireplace mantle or decorative crown molding.

Project Tips:

    • You can find beautiful premade pieces that could be used as picture ledges on Etsy
    • For a more finished look, choose pictures with frames and mattes that have a similar color scheme.
    • If you have furniture beneath the picture ledge, you can use it as a guide for how long the ledge should be.
    • For an instant room makeover, change the pictures that you’re displaying!





Project 4: Create a patriotic wreath.

If you’re looking to add some red, white, and blue to your summer celebration, this patriotic wreath is easy and fun to create. It looks great displayed indoors or out. You can get a wire wreath frame at any craft supply or fabric store and the clothespins at a grocery or discount store. Then it’s just a matter of painting and assembling for a beautiful, artistic result!

Project Tips:

    • Paint the clothespins and the stars on top of a craft mat so you don’t get paint all over your table.
    • For a shortcut, squirt some paint into a gallon plastic bag, add your clothespins and shake them up. Then touch up any missed spots.
    • Change the colors of the clothespins to shades of blue and add some shells or starfish for a fun beach theme.





Project 5: Make your own lamp shades.

Light up your room with elegant lamp shades that you made yourself! It’s as simple as cutting and pasting to transform a ho-hum beige shade into a stunning showpiece. Choose the decorative paper that you like. Create a pattern by rolling the lamp shade along kraft paper as you trace the outline. Cut out the pattern and check that it fits around the shade. Then cut the fancy paper into the pattern shape. Glue it to lamp shade and add decorative trim for a finished look.

Project Tips:

    • Hold the patterned paper up to a light. This will give you an idea of how your pattern will look on a lamp.
    • Use clothespins to hold the trim in place as it dries.
    • If you use spray adhesive for the paper, make sure to spray both the lamp shade and the paper. Then, work quickly as it dries fast.



closet office


Project 6: Turn a closet into a home office or homework space.

With so many people working from home, it’s nice to have your own space. You can transform a closet into an office or homework space with just a few adjustments. Take off the door and remove the clothing rods. Add a large shelf at desk height and two narrower shelves above it for storage. Then add the supplies that you need when you work such as a desk lamp, pens, pencils, etc.

Project Tips:

    • Add a pop of color to your desk décor with a vase or planter.
    • Add a corkboard to the back wall to post notes or display photos.
    • Keep the closet door in the attic or garage in case you’d like to replace it someday. Or you can choose to keep the door on and close it when not in use.



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