Get your kids up and moving this summer with some fun summer-themed brain breaks!

These online games are all free and great activities to do with your students during those last few days of school OR for parents to help get their child’s wiggles out when they are at home this summer. Check them out below.



summer activities for kids

1. Brain Break – Summer Would You Rather?

This Energizer Game is a Summer-themed Would You Rather? from UJU Videos. Kids will have 10 seconds to choose between 2 Summer activities, then 20 seconds to do the matching activity. Get ready for fun! Click here to play.




summer brain breaks

2. Among Us Chase 3D- Imposter Game // Fitness Activity

Your kids will have to find out who is the imposter! Have them move to complete the levels and find out who is the imposter. Get started by clicking here.




summer brain breaks

3.  Fornite Dance Off! 

FORTNITE! Kids LOVE these fun dances! There are at least 10-15 dance choices on this video! You choose between 2 different popular dances and get your groove on for 30 seconds! You then get a 10-second rest. Keep moving, all the way to the last round, as it has 8 choices on one – click here.




summer brain breaks

4. This or That Summer Fun!

It’s time for some fun in the sun so grab your shades and get ready! Have your kids follow the moves on-screen of which summer activity they would rather choose. Click here to get started.




summer brain breaks

5. Super Smash Bros Fitness Race

Have kids try and guess who will be the fastest Super Smash character in each round by performing a fun activity! Click here to get started.




summer brain breaks

6. Water Balloon Battle

Have your kids get ready to battle Roblox style with this epic Water Balloon Battle Fitness Activity! Dodge, jump, and duck under the water balloons and throw them at the Roblox characters to win! Click here to play!




online game for kids

7. Escape Into Summer Fitness Run

Your kids will head out on an epic summer adventure! (Nothing screams summer more than backyard BBQ’s and days at the beach) Level 1 – Race through town and grab all the ingredients for your backyard BBQ Level 2 – It’s a burger battle showdown. Find the grills and try to flip as many burgers as possible. Level 3 – Head to the beach! Watch out for all the sand. Bonus Round – Get your beach volleyball on. Click here to get started.




online virtual games for kids this summer

8. Shark Chase – Underwater Adventure

Kids will duck, dodge, and avoid sea creatures in this exciting journey through the ocean! When they get to land what will they see? Click here to find out.




kid summer workout

9. Star Wars Workout – Jedi Training Academy

It’s time for kids to grab their lightsabers and train along with a Star Wars workout! Let Rey help them complete their Jedi training with this tough Jedi Workout. Click here to begin.




virtual games

10. SpongeBob 4 Corners 

Kids will help SongeBob look around Bikini Bottom to find Gary. Find Gary and earn a point. Most points win (or for 1 player, try and reach a goal of 8 points!) Click here to play.


If you are looking for something else to do for your kids to do this summer, here are some other great summer-themed activities for kids on YouTube to check out. They may not get kids up and moving, but they are every bit just as fun!


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For more kid-friendly Youtube Channels click here.


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