Even while remote learning kids (and teachers) need a break. Are you looking for some fun and engaging activities to do with your students online?

Here are some easy Zoom games that can be played to get your class thinking, while having fun and getting to know their virtual classmates!


1. Go Find…(Great to get the wiggles out!)

– Set a timer for 20 seconds

– Give kids a description of an item- blue, spikey, round, stringy, etc.

– Tell them to go find something that matches the description

– Kids that don’t find anything or don’t make it in time are out

– Make descriptions harder or time shorter as you keep going

– Last one left is the winner



2. Pictionary

– Load Zoom’s whiteboard feature

– Send a private message to a child on what they will be drawing

– Set a timer

– Have the child start drawing

– Whoever guesses the drawing within the time frame gets a point!

– Most points wins



3. Name, Place, Animal, or Thing

– Say a Letter

– Kids must think of a Name, Place, Animal, or Thing that starts with that letter

– Whoever writes it in the chatbox first wins that round and gets a point

– Most points wins



4. Charades (Great to get the wiggles out!)

– Divide students into 2 teams

– Choose an activity (try using these Charades cards on Quizlet!)

– Private message the student who will be acting out the charade

– Set your timer

– Have the student act out the charade

– If their team can’t guess it within the time limit, the other team gets the chance to guess (or a point)



5. Zoom Out

– Choose a high-resolution color photo (4k pixels or more) of a common object or animal

– Zoom in really close to any part of the image

– Continue to Zoom out a little more every 30 seconds until someone guesses it

– First person to guess it right gets a point

– Most points wins



6. The Memory Game

– Make a tray full of random items (crayons, string, erasers, tape, pencils, snacks, etc.)

– Move the tray into view of the camera

– Give students 10-20 seconds to memorize the tray

– Move the tray out of sight and take away one item

– Move the tray back into view

– See who can name the missing item first

– Winner gets a point

– Most points wins



7. Simon Says (Great to get the wiggles out!)

– Make all students stand up

– Say, “Simon Says” and say an action

– All kids will repeat the action

– If you say to do an action without saying Simon says and kids do the action, they are out

– Last one standing is the winner



8. 4 Corners

– Students grab a piece of paper and a pen

– They will write a number 1-6 on their paper and hold it up

– Teacher will roll the dice

– When it lands on a number, the students who wrote that number are out

– Last one standing is the winner



9. Scattergories

– Use this free game generator

– Send each student a link

– Find the word that starts with all the categories

– Must start with the letter that is pictured

– Have students write their points down from each round

– Most points at the end wins



10. 5 Second Rule

– Download the app Tuku Tuku – 5 Second Challenge

– Share your screen

– Choose the order which students will play and start the game

– Ask students to give 3 answers to each category on-screen within 5 seconds

– Whoever can’t answer or reaches the time limit is out

– Winners move on to the next round

– Last one standing wins



BONUS GAME: Try a Virtual Escape Room!

These will run a little longer than the other virtual games (give at least 45 mins) and don’t necessarily have to be on Zoom, but are super fun and engaging for students. Here’s how they can play:

– Divide students into groups

– Look over and choose rooms from this kid-friendly list

– Assign each group a different room

– Team to escape first wins


What are you doing for brain breaks in your virtual classroom?

Let us know in the comments below! 🙂


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