It’s no secret our pets bring us so much joy, but owning a pet – especially one that’s young – is a lot of responsibility. Like children they are not something that can be brought home and forgotten about, they require your time, effort, and care.

February is responsible pet owner’s month, and whether you’re bringing home your first pet or your 6th, it’s always good to be reminded how to be a responsible and caring owner.

Here’s are 10 responsible pet owner tips that will help you and your furry friend adjust to this new life together.

1. Recognize they are a commitment. Your lifestyle may have to adjust based on the needs of your pet. Make sure you are ready to make this commitment before you bring them home.

2. Create a safe space for them. Pet-proof your home to avoid accidents and give them a space that is completely their own, with a bed, toys, blankets, food, and water.

3. Give them time to adjust. When you bring them home they may be timid or wild, but give them the time and they will learn their new home and your routine.

4. Visit the vet. Even if they hate it, preventive care is essential in making sure your pet stays happy and healthy.

5. Make them tags. Microchip and/or give them ID tags with your name and number on them, in the event that they escape, you will be notified if they are found.

6. Train them. Don’t give up on your pet if they aren’t acting like you thought they would, as their owner it’s your responsibility to put in the time and effort to train them or have them trained.

7. Create a healthy lifestyle for them. Feed them a healthy pet food and be sure not over or underfeed them. Exercise is also very important, especially for young pets that need to exercise to release their extra energy.

8. Socialize them. Let them play with friends and family, and also other pets. If they are too scared or anxious you may have to work on socialization with your vet or trainer.

9. Give them love & affection. Like humans, pets crave your love and attention and need it to be happy in your home.

10. Make them feel like part of the family. Most importantly, treat them like a member of your family, because they are 🙂

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We know that bringing home a new pet can be just as scary as it is exciting, but don’t worry, you’ve got this!

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