We have amazing employees at California Casualty. The Employee Spotlight is a new series aiming to highlight those talented individuals that make up our successful company culture and community. From human resource recruiters and learning and development trainers to claims adjusters, marketers, customer support specialists, partner relations, sales representatives, and beyond; each week, we’ll highlight a new team member, so you can get to know us better and see how our employees make us who we are as a company. 

This edition of the Employee Spotlight will feature Field Marketing Manager, Nina Ericksen

Nina has been with us for 9 years and works remotely for our Partner Relations team.

Let’s get to know Nina!

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What made you want to work as a Field Marketing Manager for California Casualty?

I had worked as an Account Manager in the financial services field for 20 years. I loved the work but did not like the volatility of the industry. 

California Casualty gave me the work I love in a stable environment.


What is your favorite part about your job?

Without a doubt, the relationships with my leadership team is my favorite part of the job. It never feels like work when you are spending time with people who are friends.

I love my job at CalCas because I work with some of the best people I know both inside and outside of the company.  I feel proud of the way we help and support members of the community that are in the business of giving to others every day.


What have you learned in your position at California Casualty?

The most useful information I have learned about myself in my position is to never lose hope or allow yourself to be defeated. Just wake up every morning and show up, put one foot in front of the other, and before you know it you have achieved what may not have seemed possible!


What are your favorite activities to do outside of the office?

I love spending time in my off-hours with my two granddaughters, aged 6 and 1.  They are the lights of my life. 

I also spend as much time as possible at the beach and taking my dog, Luke, for walks.


Anything else you would like the audience to know about you?

Here are some fun facts about myself: 

    • I grew up in Central New York State. 
    • I met my husband while he was cutting my hair.
    • I was in musical theater in High School. 
    • I am deathly allergic to Kiwi. 
    • Old movies, especially film noir, are my jam.


If you want to learn more about Nina or are interested in a career at California Casualty, connect with her on LinkedIn! Or visit our careers page at https://www.calcas.com/careers

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