Fall is here! The leaving are changing colors and soon the temperature will drop, but is your home ready for the cooler weather?

Follow our 10 indoor and outdoor tips below to help get your house ready for the winter months ahead.



Use Heavy Duty Drapes – Replacing your regular curtains with thermal drapes will help keep your home nice and warm.

Insulate Windows Caulk and seal gaps around your windows to prevent cold air from leaking in.

Check Your Heating System – Change your filters and have an HVAC contractor come out and make sure everything is running properly.

Have Your Fireplace Inspected – Have your chimney cleaned once a year by a professional before you use it. They will check for any cracks and clean any soot build-up from the previous winter season.

Test Your Detectors With homes all sealed up for the winter, there is a much greater chance for carbon monoxide to build up in your home. Make sure all detectors have new batteries and are working properly.




Check Your Roof – Before the snow and ice, make sure your roof is damage-free and there are no shingles that are missing or loose.

Add Mulch to the Landscaping – Protecting your plants and landscaping from the harsh winter weather by adding a few additional layers of mulch.

Clean Out Your Gutters – Fall leaves and debris can accumulate in your gutters and make it impossible for water, snow, and melting ice to pass through. That is why it is important to clean and clear them out a few times a year.

Trim Tree Branches – Winter storms can wreak havoc on trees, especially dead limps, which can easily fall on your home with a gust of wind or snow/ice accumulation. Trim tree branches over your home and remove dead limbs.

Prep Your Lawn and Lawn Care Equipment – Fall and Spring are the best time to seed your lawn. After, be sure to apply fertilizer with winterizer. It is also a good idea to drain gas from any mower or weed eater that you will not use until the spring.

Stay warm this cool-weather season, and for more cool weather tips, check out our Fall Preparation Tips for Your Home blog here.


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