Routine keep up and maintenance will prevent breakdowns and help keep your car in good working condition for years, but when you put off signs of trouble or little things like appointments to get your oil changed, you risk a break down every time you get behind the wheel.

Not taking care of your vehicle can also cause major internal damage which could end up costing you thousands of dollars in repairs.

Yahoo has created a list based on a survey given to mechanics on The Ten Worst Things You Can Do to Your Car. Here were the results.


1. Putting off routine maintenance – This includes: checking your battery and brakes, aligning your tires, getting your oil changed, etc.


2. Ignoring the check engine light – The check engine light is the generic indicator that something is wrong with your vehicle and you should take it to a licensed mechanic.


3. Not changing the oil – When you don’t change your oil it can cause poor engine performance or even complete engine failure.


4. Failing to check tire pressure – Even with new tires, you will lose about one PSI every month. Poorly or overinflated tires could lead to a blowout and/or accident. You should continue to check and fill them monthly as needed.


5. Ignoring transmission, brake, coolant, and other fluid services – These fluids all play a part in making sure your vehicle is functioning properly.


6. Continuing to drive an overheated vehicle – This can easily lead to an engine fire and completely total your vehicle and/or cause series injuries to the driver.


7. Not changing fuel and air filters – Not changing these filters will degrade your vehicle’s performance and cause wear and tear on the engine.


8. Having someone unqualified service the vehicle – Don’t fall victim to cheap parts and faulty repairs. Look at reviews and make sure your mechanic or repair shop is properly licensed.


9. Using generic aftermarket parts and not manufacturer quality parts – When you use generic parts, you do not know if they have been properly inspected. This could lead to more issues in the future.


10. Trying to service your own vehicle – Although you may know how to do a few things yourself, when you take your vehicle to a professional, you can receive a full service and they will inspect and make sure everything in your vehicle is functioning properly and suggest needed maintenance/repairs.


Are you guilty of any? If so, it’s probably time to take your car to the mechanic before it’s too late.

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