Earth Day is a holiday celebrated around the globe to raise awareness about environmental impacts and issues.

Celebrate the holiday by getting outdoors with your kids and trying some of these fun crafts!


1.Upcycled Earth Suncatchers

Earth Day Activities



2.  Nature Walk Bracelets or Crowns

Earth Day activities



3. DIY Earth Seed Bombs

Earth Day Activities for Kids at Home



4. Go On a Backyard Nature Scavenger Hunt

Earth Day Activities for Kids


5. Paint Rocks for Your Garden

Earth Day Activities for Kids



6. Plant Seeds in Homemade Planters

Earth Day Activities at Home


7. Make a Bird Feeder

earth day activities



8. Leaf Printing Art

earth day activities for kids at home



9. Crayon Earth Art

Earth Day Activities for Kids



10. Make Projects Using Recycled Materials 

Earth Day Activities for kids at home


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