Pet Passenger Safety TipsYou know the look. The one you get as you’re preparing to leave the house. You glance down and see those eyes silently asking you to come along. Maybe the look is also accompanied with a small but very hopeful wag of the tail. The subtle (or sometimes not so subtle) reminder of how much your dog loves being with you. And going along for car rides. Pet passenger safety

We love our pets and do our best to make sure they live long, happy and healthy lives. So, if you’re like most and simply can’t resist letting your faithful companion join you for the ride, be sure to keep your four-legged friend safe.

Pet Passenger Safety Tips:

  • Travel with Fido in a crash tested dog crate or safety harness
  • Put Peaches in the backseat, away from the front airbags
  • Take breaks every 2 to 3 hours to let Rover stretch and do his business
  • Turn off or lock power windows so Penny can’t open or close them on her own
  • Always have water on hand so Max has it when he needs it
  • Don’t let Rascal sit on your lap while you’re driving

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