We are about to turn the calendars to welcome in the beginning of a new decade – 2020!

Tonight, millions will gather around the world to ring in the New Year, and if you are hosting a New Year’s Eve party, remember; safety is the number one priority. Every year, people are hurt from slips, falls, and other numerous dangers associated with drunken New Year’s celebrations.

Here are some important party-planning safety tips you need to consider if you’ll be hosting a gathering to celebrate the arrival of 2020.

    • Clear decks, steps, and sidewalks of tripping  hazards
    • Keep pets locked or gated in a room away from the commotion
    • Remove jewelry or other valuables from areas where guests might be
    • Use battery-operated candles instead of flammable ones
    • Avoid setting off or using fireworks
    • Don’t leave food on stoves or in ovens unattended
    • Check for food allergies before serving any dishes
    • Keep foods warmed or cooled to proper temperatures to avoid foodborne illnesses
    • Limit alcohol consumption
    • Arrange for designated drivers, ride-sharing, or provide a place to stay for inebriated guests

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