Summertime is in full swing! However, along with summer heat is the threat of summer burglary. Nobody wants to return home to find someone has burglarized their hard-earned possessions.

Unfortunately, the U.S. Department of Justice warns that break-ins heat up during the summer months. Most of those are crimes of opportunity from criminals looking for an easy target like open windows or garage doors.

Here are some tips to prevent a summer burglary:

Make Your Home Less Vulnerable

  • Trim back bushes or hedges that block visibility and give a thief areas to hide
  • Install outdoor lighting 
  • Put indoor lights on timers
  • Have a security system installed
  • Get a dog 
  • Keep garage doors closed
  • Always lock doors and windows
  • Keep watch of your neighbors’ homes and ask they do the same for you
  • Have a trusted friend, neighbor or relative make trips to your home or park a car in the driveway to make it look lived in while you are away

Don’t Advertise to Criminals

  • Stop mail and newspaper deliveries if you are going away
  • Arrange for any home deliveries to your neighbors when you are not home
  • Don’t leave garbage cans out while you are away
  • Never leave notes on doors telling someone you are out and when you will return
  • Leave a radio or TV on while you are away
  • Conceal valuables and don’t them visible from the outside
  • Break down and conceal boxes for expensive items and electronics when putting out the trash (boxes for the new 60” HD TV or the latest computer are like shopping flyers for thieves)
  • Don’t advertise on social media that you are going away to grandma’s house or a wonderful vacation (this goes for your children)

Protect Yourself

  • Make a complete home inventory of your possessions to assist if you need to file a police report, speed up an insurance claim and help with a tax-loss write off
  • Be sure to have an identity theft protection and recovery service if burglars get access to your personal or banking information
  • Protect your possessions with homeowners or renters insurance

Not only do you feel violated after someone breaks into your home, but it can be expensive to fix the damage and replace items. That’s why you need homeowners and renters insurance. We can’t stop all criminals, but California Casualty is here to protect you with quality auto and home insurance with exclusive benefits not available to the general public. Every policy also comes with free ID theft protection. Call an adviser today for a policy comparison or review at 1.800.800.9410, or visit


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