One of the keys to California Casualty’s success over the past 105 years is our Field Marketing team. They are literally the “faces” of California Casualty, visiting schools, fire and police stations, hospitals and healthcare facilities, as well as attending group benefit fairs, orientations and charitable events. They strive, year after year, to improve their skill set to provide the best service for members and the groups they belong to. California Casualty believes strongly in investing time and effort to help them succeed.

To facilitate this effort, our Field Marketing managers attend a yearly Partner Relations Summer Meeting. The goal of the three-day gathering is to discuss best practices, compare success stories, and learn new ideas. This year’s theme was “Learn, Adapt, Grow.”

Some of this year’s highlights included discussions better time management, the importance of self-care, and adapting to challenges in the insurance industry and the groups/vocations that we serve. Our Field representatives were given valuable lessons on individual changes they can make to help them provide you with more exceptional service, claims help, new products, and to communicate the value and benefits available for your specific needs.

“I am amazed how hard every one of the Partner Relations members works each day for our partners and their members,” said Midwest Field Team Manager, Rebecca Stumpf. “Sharing stories, having a better understanding of our products, and following up on our promise to help group members gives us all better tools to serve our groups, thus strengthening our ties with those groups.”

Amy Grosso, Field Team Manager for the East, noted the value of the meeting to help build team-unity and re-energize our Partner Relations team. “This is the one time, each year, that remote based employees get together to build rapport, introduce new team members, and recognize our annual award recipients. They leave this meeting with new ideas and energy that will enhance their relationships in the field and improve productivity,” she said.

Katelyn Hoffman, Field Marketing Manager for Missouri, feels that the training will benefit her and the partner organizations that she works with. “The amount of time and thought put into this meeting was amazing and truly appreciated. I am proud to be part of such an amazing organization – not only because the company is great, but I love our mission of helping those in public service create better lives for themselves and their families.”

California Field Marketing Manager Chris Renn and Washington Senior Field Marketing Manager Michelle Hawkins both agree that the time spent at the meeting was not only valuable for them personally, but for their efforts working with you. “I have a lot more tools to provide better, fresher, and more specific information at the right time to better serve my groups,” said Chris.

Michelle added, “I always come back from the meeting with a huge to-do list. I am inspired by my peers to push myself a little more here and there to benefit our valued partners.”

And, first-year New Jersey representative, Nikisha Feliciano, observed that the meeting has given her a new confidence in her role. “It was great to meet my colleagues and share different scenarios on how to be better at our job. I have a better understanding of our company and what it represents.”

Nikisha added that as a new employee, “I am honored to work with such an amazing group of people, and I am very grateful for the training and opportunities that have been offered to help me be more successful.”

We appreciate all that you do. Our employees are ready to provide you with the quality service and special benefits that you deserve.


TAKEAWAY: California Casualty Field Marketing team members are in your community to meet you and show the benefits of our auto and home insurance through your affiliation. Learn more about our personal touch at:

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