June 20th Is National Dump the Pump Day, but what does it mean to “dump the pump”?  Dump the Pump Day is a nationally recognized holiday to take a break from being behind the wheel and give transportation alternatives a try.

Transportation is the largest source of carbon emission in the United States. And it produces 30% of global warming emissions; however, if 1 in 5 Americans chose an alternate (or “clean”) form of transportation every day like – public transportation, riding bikes/electric scooters, carpooling, or walking –  it would eliminate 20% of those carbon monoxide emissions. That is 2/3rds of all emissions!

There are all kinds of benefits to finding alternative transportation methods. So for one day avoid bumper to bumper traffic on the interstate and ditch your car for a more environmentally friendly commute.

Here are 5 reasons to “Dump the Pump” on June 20th:

  1. Reduces Your Carbon Footprint– A single car emits 6 to 9 tons of C02 each year. With more people switching to public transit, it ALONE can save 37 million metric tons of carbon emission yearly.
  2. Reduces Traffic Congestion– The more people using alternative forms of transportation, the fewer cars on the roadway. This can help you get to your destination much more quickly and efficiently.
  3. Safer than Driving– Transit trips are 10 times safer per mile, and you reduce your accident risk by 90%. If you are biking or walking, make sure to take the necessary safety precautions like wearing a helmet and avoiding major roadways.
  4. Saves You Money- Gas, maintenance, parking, and other expenses for vehicles add up every single day. Those totals can reach over $10,000 a year, and that’s not including unexpected repairs.
  5. Encourages Healthier Habits– Biking and walking improve physical fitness and promote healthy weight loss, coordination, and balance. Those who use clean forms of transportation like this get 3 times more physical activity, than those who don’t.

Even if it’s impossible for you to ride your bike or take public transportation every day, finding an alternative to driving for just one day still creates an impact and will make you feel good knowing you did your part. So, Dump the Pump on June 20th and see how it can benefit you.


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