Summertime for teachers doesn’t necessarily mean “vacation”.  There are, lesson plans to develop, hours of PD sessions, and classrooms to prepare. Many teachers have summer jobs or teach summer school, so accomplishing goals and tasks that get put off during the school year is easier said than done.

We’ve put together a game plan to help you accomplish the top five realistic goals that teachers tend put on the back-burner during the school year.  Even if what you want or need to do varies from the list below, writing down your goals is a solid first step to achieving them – especially if you are a teacher who is short on time.  So open up your planner, grab your Flair pens and get ready to amaze yourself.

Goal #1: De-clutter

Less clutter = less stress = happiness 🙂

How to Accomplish: It’s time to channel your inner Marie Kondo. Getting rid of all of the clutter you’ve put aside planning to get to later needs to be the first thing you do this summer. The first thing?! We know. Bear with us. The sooner you put away all the stuff you carted home from your classroom, address the mountain of laundry in the corner, and tackle the layers of memories of years past- barely hanging on- beneath the magnets covering the fridge; the quicker you can start enjoying your summer. Clutter causes stress. To avoid stress, we avoid cluttered areas or try to pretend it isn’t there.  Identify the area or room that gives you the most anxiety and start there. The quicker the clutter is gone, the quicker you can focus on more important things-like a cold drink by the pool.


Goal #2: Sleep

This one is pretty self-explanatory…

How to Accomplish: Draw the blinds and turn off all of your alarms. zzZZZZzzzzZZZzzzZZZzzz


Goal #3: Exercise

It’s beneficial for your physical AND mental well-being.

How to Accomplish: You don’t have to go crazy, buy a gym membership or start training 24/7…unless you want to. Exercise can range from number of different activities like: taking a walk, swimming, riding your bike to the playground with your children, or an intense game of water balloons. Set aside 30 minutes, 3 or 4 times a week to move your muscles and de-stress. Start looking at exercise as positive, like playing with your kids, and you will be more likely to do it instead of sitting on the couch dreading getting on the treadmill.


Goal #4: Work On Yourself

Take some time for “me-time”.

How to Accomplish: Whether you want to get started on your MBA or have a Harry Potter marathon in your PJ’s; write down a few things down you want to do this summer, solely for YOU and YOUR happiness, and make sure to follow through. Here are a few examples that we have rounded up & linked to sources for you, just click on each word!

You give so much of yourself during the school year. Be sure to take a little time during the summer for yourself to do and discover things that YOU love.


Goal #5: Spend Time with Friends & Family

They miss you during the school year.

How to Accomplish: Make a point to do things together as a family, like eating meals at the table, taking a road trip, or having a picnic in the park. Soak up all of the family time you can. During the summer is also a great time to talk to the family that doesn’t get to see you every day, like your parents or grandparents. Schedule time to visit or talk to them on the phone. And don’t forget about friends! Friends play a key role in our happiness and mental health so, set aside some time to get together for a night out, a backyard BBQ, or your other favorite activities.

The key to accomplishing summer goals is to keep them realistic.   So set aside some time, choose what goals would make you the most happy, and go get your highlighters because this summer you are going to accomplish ALL of your summer goals. One color-coded tab at a time.

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