This Behind the Scenes has a different angle than in previous issues. Instead of highlighting what we do, we want to take a moment to show you an inspiring project that highlights what you do.

California Casualty has worked with first responder groups for decades. As your insurance provider, we know you as fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers – real people who dedicate themselves to making a difference for the world we live in.

To invite others to share our admiration for all that you do, we recently launched a video series that captures a behind-the-scenes look at those in uniform. Filmed by Wide Awake Films, the uplifting videos feature heartwarming interactions between first responders and children in their community.

In A Day With Law Enforcement, two kids, Jayden and Giselle, got the chance of a lifetime – spending a day meeting and riding with police officers. The videos highlight the interactions that broke down preconceived notions, and allowed the children to view police officers as real people.

“They were really nice…when you actually get to meet a cop – actually meet them – like others say, ‘you never judge a book by its cover,’” said Jayden.

“They’re just trying to do their job and they are putting their life on the line,” added Giselle.

In the other series, A Day With Firefighters, viewers are treated to 8-year-old Journey’s incredible day riding in a fire truck, meeting firefighters – from recruits to the fire chief – and showing his stop-drop-and-roll move.

“I think if I got to do what he did today when I was eight years old, it would have opened my eyes,” said one firefighter. “The community is only as good as the people who protect and service it…we all have a part in making our community a good place to live. It was a rewarding day for the both of us.”

“They have to be very brave because they are close to the fire and stuff,” said Journey.  “Today was a very good day,” he added.

“We’ve worked with first responders for 50 years and are proud to give a glimpse of the people making a real difference for our communities,” said California Casualty Social Media Manager, Demian Tallman.

So far, there have been almost 367,000 views of the videos. You can see for yourself how Jayden and Giselle felt after their day-in-the-life at

You can also watch Journey’s great day with his firefighter friends at


We invite you to see our extensive video library, which offers insurance resources and highlights the professions we serve, at

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