Icy roads. Traffic jams. Black ice. Snow conditions. All of these can make a parent go crazy just thinking about their teen driving in these conditions.  How do you talk to your new driver about driving in the winter season? We have some easy tips to get the conversation going.

  1. Decrease your speed.  The faster you’re going, the more room you’ll need to stop.
  2. Be extra careful on bridges and overpasses.
  3. Avoid cruise control or overdrive.
  4. Don’t pass snow plows – their drivers may not see you, and the roads are clearer behind them anyway!
  5. Turn on your lights to be more visible.
  6. Steer into a skid – this means if your rear wheels are going right, gently steer in that direction.
  7. Gently tap your brakes, if you have ABS brakes, gently apply constant pressure.
  8. Keep your windshield wiper fluid filled and keep your headlights clean.

These helpful ideas do not have to just be for your teen. Share with friends and family.



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