We understand that reaching out to your insurance company is not typically a top contender on your list of fun things to do. However, how we answer your call can lead to a surprisingly positive experience.

The small team responsible for the automated phone system that answers your call and routes you to the correct parties knew it was time to refresh the voice prompting callers to choose their appropriate call destination.

Through a very “scientific” approach of walking around and listening to employees conversing with policyholders, one employee stood out from the rest as the perfect candidate for the project. Her diction was clear and she was highly upbeat and personable.

Let us introduce you to Kelly, the new voice of California Casualty.

Kelly has been with California Casualty for 15 years, interacting with customers in a variety of jobs from Sales, Underwriting, Customer Service and our specialized Agency Services department.

It didn’t surprise Kelly’s manager that she was the top choice for the project. She sits next to Kelly and knows the pride Kelly takes in providing solutions for customers with her “soothing style.”

Kelly was more than happy to help. It felt natural, given her focus on connecting with customers through just her voice.  She shared some insight regarding her phone etiquette: “I watch my tone and pace so clients get a clear understanding of what I’m saying and the products we have to offer.”

Here are a few of the compliments Kelly has received from customers:

“Kelly is the most professional, courteous, energetic and kind person I have every spoken with.”

“Kelly was very concise, attentive and very pleasant to speak with.”

Luckily for Kelly (and her manager), it only took a few days in a local studio to get all of the messages recorded. The quick turnaround time just proved again that she was perfect for the project.

The next time you call us, listen carefully. The voice you’ll hear will now have a familiar face.

TAKEAWAY: Reach out to California Casualty and hear Kelly anytime at 1.800.800.9410.



California Casualty

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