California Casualty enjoys meeting our everyday community heroes and truly getting to know what they do every day. Jill, a local CalCas team member, got the chance to talk to one of our customers and learn about his story

Mark Gonzales is the newly promoted Phoenix Fire Department Battalion Chief. Mark celebrated his 20th year, but that wasn’t the only good news. Mark’s wife shared the good news that they would be expecting their 6th child later that year.

Jill says that during her station visit, she shared with Mark that her visits to Phoenix fire departments will be wrapping up. In an instant, Mark offered for Jill to come back to his station for a day of calls and rides. Jill enjoyed a tour of a hazmat and scheduling station, as well as the dispatch area at headquarters.

Mark had a positive story he wanted to share as a customer of California Casualty.

“I have been with California Casualty for over six years now. This past year my son turned 17, and we added him and a used suburban to our policy. With all of the bumps and bruises, a vehicle can handle we quickly learned of how extensive and forgiving our Auto glass coverage was. With three incidents in a short amount of time, California Casualty replaced the broken panels with a smile and taught us that every piece of glass on the vehicle was insured. We just added our daughter who has a permit now to our policy, and we are looking for a smoother road ahead.”

California Casualty

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