Excitement is in the air as we get a chance to see the first full solar eclipse over the U.S. in decades. While many of us are thinking about protecting our eyes from damaging solar radiation, if you live in the area most affected by the eclipse or traveling to see it, you might want to make sure your auto and home insurance is up to date. Public safety groups are warning that the crush of millions of people coming to view the eclipse could pose some very serious issues. Here are some important things to consider so the shadow cast over the sun doesn’t lead to dark things for your insurance coverage:

  1. Be prepared for extremely heavy traffic and delays – being in a hurry to get somewhere may lead to frustration and a traffic crash
  2. Don’t drive distracted and be prepared for the many others around you who might be doing so as the moon obscures the sun
  3. Turn on headlights as the sunlight fades so others can see you
  4. Don’t pull off or stop on interstate highways or major thoroughfares where you could pose a safety hazard
  5. Never use or block the center median crossings on highways which are only for emergency vehicles
  6. Avoid pulling off on roadway shoulders and medians where a hot muffler could spark a grass fire
  7. Be aware of increased pedestrian traffic and people walking but not paying attention to traffic
  8. Make sure you have enough liability coverage if you are inviting or allowing others onto your property to view the eclipse

Before Monday’s great event, you should make sure that you have approved safety glasses to view the spectacle (there are numerous warnings about fake glasses), that you have stocked up on sunscreen, water, fuel and other essentials. Please find a safe place to watch it from.



California Casualty

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