January 9 is National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. In today’s supercharged environment, it’s more important than ever that we all thank officers for what they do to protect us and make our communities better.

If you are stumped for ways to show your appreciation, here are 10 ideas to thank law enforcement officers:

  • Put up a positive post on social media supporting peace officers
  • Change your profile on social media to the .jpeg image provided at facebook.com/nationalcops
  • Bring some treats to your local police substation
  • Encourage your children and neighbors to write letters of support of law enforcement for local newspapers and take thank you cards to a substation or headquarters
  • If you see police officers tell them thank you for what they do
  • Pay for their cup of coffee or lunch if you see them at a coffee shop or café
  • Make a donation to an organization that assists injured officers or supports families of fallen officers
  • Take advantage of volunteer opportunities to help your local police or sheriff’s department
  • Fill a need your local law enforcement office might need: office supplies, outside clean up or beautification, etc.
  • Make and distribute appreciation gift baggies for officers that include items such as lip balm, energy bar and drink, hand sanitizer, tissues, etc.

Find more information about National Law Enforcement Appreciation day and ways you can let officers know that you care at https://www.nationalcops.org/lead.html.

Thank you from everyone at California Casualty!


California Casualty

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