If you have a dog or cat, you know what a joy they are. Their love and loyalty enriches our lives.

Now, many experts say there is proof that life with a pet may actually provide these health benefits:

  1. Reduced allergies – more and more studies suggest that infants and children that grow up in a house with furred animals have a reduced risk of allergies and asthma later in life
  2. Lower blood pressure – numerous studies find merely being around a pet can lower your blood pressure, with the greatest pressure drop coming when you pet them
  3. Better heart health – dog owners have a lower risk of heart disease and those suffering from heart disease had better recoveries and survived longer if they had a pet
  4. Increased companionship – pet owners are less likely to suffer from depression, Alzheimer patients were calmer when pets were present, and many elderly people reported a better quality of life because of their pets
  5. Decreased weight – those of us with pets tend to go to dog parks, take regular walks, hikes or runs with their dog, and were less likely to be overweight

Many families also have therapy and companion dogs to warn about food ingredients someone may be allergic to, while others can warn diabetes patients when they are suffering from low blood sugar.

And, knowing that your dog loves to take trips with you to dog parks, hiking trails and other dog-friendly areas, California Casualty now includes coverage with every auto policy* that pays for vet bills if Fido or Rover gets hurt in a covered auto accident.

However, these pet passenger safety tips can help you avoid the heartache of an injured loved one:

  • Keep them in the backseat away from airbags
  • Put them in a crash tested dog crate or safety harness
  • Lock power windows to prevent them from accidently from opening up or closing on them
  • Always have water on hand
  • Take breaks every two or three hours to let them stretch and take care of potty business
  • Never leave them unattended in the vehicle, especially on warm or hot days
California Casualty

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