So did you take some time off this Labor Day? It’s the last hurrah of summer and one of the last chances to get in a vacation before winter. Getting away could also save your life.

Numerous job-site studies have found almost half of all American workers don’t use their vacation time, despite the fact that over 60 percent say work stresses them out. Stress can be a killer, causing heart disease, digestive disorders, lack of sleep, high blood pressure and weight gain. Health experts warn that not taking your vacation time can be dangerous to your health.

That’s compounded by employers demanding more from their employees, who often clock in well over the standard 40 hour work week. A government study found that job stress leads to more accidents, absenteeism and even violence in the work place, resulting in $300 billion dollar cost to U.S. businesses each year.

So why would we skip vacations? Many of us say we can’t afford them – monetarily or because of work demands. However, research shows workers who take time to de-stress and relax actually save businesses billions of dollars by reducing health care costs and through increased worker productivity.

With that in mind, Expedia looked at the research and came up with 12 reasons why you need to take your vacations:

  1. Time off boosts brain power, improving memorizing new skills
  2. Time away from work fully recharges a depleted brain
  3. Being away from work allows the brain to connect and consolidate, creating better problem solving
  4. Workers who take time off live longer (reducing risk of disease by 21 percent)
  5. Time off helps the heart (men who skip vacation increase their risk of heart attack by 30 percent)
  6. Relaxation prevents coronary heart disease
  7. Vacations improve worker quality
  8. Time off stimulates creativity
  9. Worker performance increased the more vacation employees used
  10. Vacation time helps prevent depression
  11. Time off improves sleep
  12. Taking vacations improves attitudes and motivates employees to achieve higher goals

For those looking for one last great summer adventure, Expedia has collected data and released a list of the top 10 destinations for Labor Day 2016:

  1. Atlanta
  2. Los Angeles
  3. Chicago
  4. New York
  5. Dallas/Fort Worth
  6. San Francisco
  7. Denver
  8. Seattle
  9. Las Vegas
  10. Charlotte, NC


If Europe has been on your travel radar, the strong dollar compared to the Euro has made many trans-Atlantic destinations even more affordable this year.

And, if you are packing the car and hitting the road for the three day weekend, you are not alone. Fuel prices are some of the lowest in decades this Labor Day. That means more Americans will be on the nation’s highways and byways and unfortunately traffic crashes are expected to rise.  The National Safety Council is urging all drivers to remain attentive, avoid alcohol before taking the wheel, get plenty of sleep, never use a cell phone or other devices while driving and have everyone in the vehicle wear their seat belts.

Don’t let a flat tire or heat drained battery detour your fun if you choose to drive to your Labor Day destination; check out our list of summer auto care tips.

So, where is your favorite place or thing to do for Labor Day? Let us know so we can share it with others.

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