There are a lot of decisions that come into play when deciding which vehicle best suits you.  Some say that your car reflects your personality, especially the color.  Car color expresses to the world what we want others to think of us. Gender and age can influence this choice as well.

Nancy Lockhart, a color marketing manager, says “color preferences change throughout time and may differ by region or vehicle type.” She  that a luxury sedan is more attractive in black and white colors, and sporty versions are more likely red and colorful shades.

Here is what your car color says about you:

-White looks fresh, young, modern look to the world.

-Black declares itself as important, sophisticated, and classic.

-Silver is the color of security and style.

-Red projects action, power, and masculinity.

-Blue is practical and happy.

-Beige exudes quiet and peace.

-Yellow is positive attitude and joy.

-Green is a tie with an interest in nature.

-Orange says that you are comfortable with value and saving money.

Trends can rapidly change across the U.S. and regionally. The latest research predicts that brighter and bolder colors are becoming more and more popular with consumers.  What does your car color say about you? Share with us in the comments.

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