5 Secrets About Tattoos in Law Enforcement

Are you thinking about joining law enforcement? Are you thinking about getting a tattoo? You need to consider the implications of a tattoo if you are contemplating a career in law enforcement.

While some departments are getting more lenient about exposed tattoos, others are sticking to original policies against them, citing the rationalization that they can change the public’s perception of local law enforcement.

According to policechiefmagazine.com, only 8% of the public said they would accept visible tattoos with male officers and 5% with female officers.  Also, 80% say that the public view of the police is shaped by their appearance.

Depending on your department, policies may vary. Be sure to ask before starting the hiring process. Even current officers should consider some of these tips before heading to the parlor:

– Check with your department to see what your options are.
– If they are allowed, ask if they can show outside the uniform.
– Ask if you will have to wear long-sleeves if tattoos cannot be visible.

If tattoos are acceptable:

– Consider the appropriate placement of the tattoo that abides by policy.
– Think about the subject matter of the tattoo to avoid termination.

With more people getting tattoos – 45 million Americans have at least one tattoo – its possible more police departments will adapt and accept the trend. Until then, whether or not to get inked is up to you.

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